Teaching English in Russia…

A domestic goat feeding in a field of capeweed...

I am getting ready to start teaching English to Russians. Not sure how that will work, They can not teach me Russian! But I am pretty good at English. 🙂

I am going to do private lessons, and keep it one on one until I get a feel for communicating with the Russians better.

I have a goal, to convert everyone to English. Then I will understand more of whats going on!  🙂

It is fun though when a young child who knows some English catches me and talks to me. They are so proud to be able to actually speak English to an American.

People in Russia find Americans to be curiosities. They have no ill will toward you and will do anything to help.

In a small village, One lady was so proud, she had an American who wanted to drink her goats milk. Being raised a farm boy, I was not going to pass up on a chance for real milk! I was glad to make her day. (It was really good)

Windows to Russia!

PS Now that I am teaching English  to Russian kids. Sveta so loves these lessons that she now has a new blog called “English 4 kids (Английский детям)“. She says it’s her favorite blog now ;).