From Russia: Western and Eastern Media – The Opposites of the Stories!

“Mr. Gates is, as they say in American politics, on a fishing expedition – how far they can push the Russian side,” Lavelle explained, “and it is a disappointment they have become public. This kind of negotiation should stay behind closed doors till there is some kind of agreement. It is a little bit of a dance right now but I remain pragmatically optimistic.” (Once again America plays Checkers and Russia Plays Chess!)

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Looks like the Western press is up to their games again. They are rolling out the Russia is starting to come around act, then they will whine and cry when Russia says “Stick It!”

Well Russia is learning about this press game and now they already have responded with their issues at the very same time that America is swarming the news with fallacies of Robert Gates simple imagination

“Yesterday Gates said that the US is considering a possibility to deploy AMD in Russia. We have paid attention that a lot was formulated in the way the American side would like to see it, but not in the way it is in reality,” Nesterenko said.

According to the spokesman, Russia-US cooperation must be built step by step on a mutually equal basis.

“It presupposes a joint analysis of threats, creating a monitoring system and developing a collective response mechanism,” Nesterenko said. “Only if the US drops its plans to create the so-called third missile area [in Europe], a full-scale Russia-US dialogue on reacting to possible missile threats can start,” Nesterenko added.

Yet this is precisely the issue of which Gates has an opposite point of view, the Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed. (Link)

Looks like Gates was not listening to Russia and her words, but was listening only to what he himself was saying. The article with what Gates said also quotes “English version of Kommersant newspaper“. (Oops that was worthless as a quote!)

On thing that you have to remember is that if you want to know what the Kremlin is playing around with, you have to study the Russian side of RIA which is the back bone of the English Russia Today the Kremlin Western media link (Tool). I do not say that what they are saying is good or bad. I just say, that you must follow them to see what the Kremlin is up to. If you have a good command of the Russian language, then many of the Russian news sources are also perfect to use. This blog is an English only blog and so sources must be legible to the target base of English!

Once again I see the East and West news sources many kilometers apart and it does not look like they are getting any closer.

Russia Today makes me smile with their slogan:

“Any story can be another story altogether!”
How very true…

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