The Future Lines (Tracks) of the Moscow Metro…

By | November 26, 2011

The Moscow Metro has to grow. The volume of riders is almost unbelievable. I still am shocked at the vast array of humanity that works their way through the tunnels of the Moscow Metro. To keep up the metro must grow…

The purple pink lines are the ones to be finished by 2015. The yellow lines are the ones to be finished by 2020. The blue – who knows when it could be done? The grey lines are the existing lines…

The Moscow Metro is the life line of this city because above ground you have a daily traffic snarl that makes the Metro seem pleasant by comparison. I also hear that they are installing new cars on some of the lines. Air conditioned and much more pleasant to ride. Sveta says she does not like them and likes the older cars better. I have not been on one yet so I would not know…

This is a great map of the Moscow Metro and it will expand to a huge size if you so desire to keep it. Just click on the map above and then according to your browser save image…

Latest numbers from official site.

Passengers2603.2 million passengers
— paid a trip1958.6 million passengers
Average number of passengers per day7132.1 thousand passengers
Revenue from fares15997.4 million rubles
Network length298.8 km
Number of lines12
Longest lineArbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line (43.7 km)
Shortest lineKakhovskaya Line (3.3 km)
Longest sectionKrylatskoe–Strogino (6.625 km)
Shortest sectionDelovoy Tsentr–Mezhdunarodnaya (502 m)
Number of stations180
— transfer stations61
— transfer points26
— surface/elevated15
Deepest stationPark Pobedy (84 m)
Most shallow underground stationPechatniki
Station with the longest platformVorobyevy Gory (282 m)
Number of stations with a single entrance70
Total number of entrances273
Number of turnstiles2545
Number of escalators643
— including Monorail stations18
Total length of all escalators67.4 km
Number of depots15
Total number of train runs per day10072
Average speed:
— commercial41.57 km/h
— technical48.85 km/h
Total number of cars (average per day)4545
Cars in service (average per day)3565
Total run of cars733.6 million car-kilometers
— with passengers699.2 million car-kilometers
Average run of cars per day562.3 car-kilometers
Average passengers per car48 people
Longest escalator126 m (Park Pobedy)
Total number of ventilation shafts406
Number of local ventilation systems in use5551
Number of medical assistance points46
Total number of employees37401 people
— males19936 people
— females17465 people
Timetable fulfillment99.98 %
Minimum average interval90 sec
Average passenger trip13.0 km

Kyle Keeton
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