The King Corona Virus is getting very close to the Tiny Russian Village…

How about some very local news to our Tiny Russian Village?

Our Tiny Russian Village is located in the Ryazan area…

On Thursday, April 9, Zaoksky residents quarantined because of a coronavirus tried to leave the village. They told RZN. info that employers did not provide them with a vacation, and in stores products began to run out.

“They didn’t give sick leave and leave, they said at work that there was no quarantine and that they don’t owe us anything,” the source said.

He said that in a local store groceries began to run out, and cars with groceries were not allowed into the village.

“The store ran out of bread,” the local said.

Note that the residents were promised to call the head of the district administration Natalya Zhuneva to explain the situation.

Igor Grekov came to the meeting with the Ryazans.

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And also on Thursday…

On Thursday, April 9, The Vice-Governor Igor Grekov arrived at the isolated residents of Zaoksky.

Dozens of Ryazan residents gathered at the exit of the village.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, residents were no longer allowed to leave the villages of Korostovo and Zaokskoye on Wednesday, April 8. Patrols were installed on the roads.

Later, residents of Zaoksky spoke about quarantine.

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Putin made it clear that people come first and that businesses would not treat people like this. I am glad it is making the news. Heads will roll with that company…

17 people in that small town have coronavirus, by the way…



Again: On Thursday, April 9, in the village of Zaokskoye, vice-governor Igor Grekov talked with the head of the Ryazan region, Natalya Zhuneva, and with residents of the village of Zaokskoye, according to the regional government headquarters.

So, in the next two days in the village will conduct a complete disinfection. In addition, the ministry of social protection of the population of the region needs to provide assistance to citizens “to resolve emerging disputes with employers.”

Also, the Ministry of Health of the region should provide medical supervision and screening of all villagers, hospitalize the sick.

“The necessary measures have been taken to provide food and medicine to those who need it,” the report said.

Natalya Zhuneva was instructed to answer all incoming questions of local residents online.

The next meeting with residents is scheduled for April 12.

Recall, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, residents were no longer allowed to leave the villages of Korostovo and Zaokskoye on Wednesday, April 8.

The villagers tried to leave the quarantine zone. They explained that employers did not give them leave, and groceries began to run out in stores. Ryazans demanded to remove quarantine. Also, residents of Zaoksky and Korostovo were promised to export milk from the villages.

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