The West does not take Russia’s warnings about red lines seriously and that is one huge mistake…

The West does not take Russia’s warnings about red lines seriously, particularly when it comes to the Black Sea region, with NATO’s strategic bombers conducting flights as close as 20 kilometers from the Russian border, which is what Moscow will not leave unanswered, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at an expanded meeting of the Foreign Ministry. Lawmakers pointed out to Izvestia that by sending signals about its readiness to cooperate with Russia, NATO only seeks to distract Moscow from the alliance’s policy aimed at stepping up military activities in the Black Sea and Ukraine.

Source: Press review: Lukashenko chalks up win and global warming eroding Russia’s Arctic coast – Press Review – TASS

Enough warnings from WtR in the past about these issues and that means Russia is getting fed up and we should all take notice…

I watch and wait to see what the western children do in the future!


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