There will be peace: Please!

By | July 14, 2014

This morning at 5:30 am, Boza and I stood on the crest of a hill looking out over kilometers and kilometers of vast expanse of land. The land was full of trees, farms, lakes and peace. Not quiet, but peace…

I could hear a farm tractor in the distance and saw the old Soviet blue colored tractor very far away. It chugged and chugged and chugged, as it went about its business, oblivious to the worlds issues. Then I heard a fox squeal and run as Boza disturbed his sleeping place. Then I heard before I saw, a huge Peterbilt truck on the main highway. It was a Model 389 and it had straight wide open stacks, faded blue in color and had a trailer fully loaded, as the twin turbos screamed as it took inclines.Then a biplane also heard before seen, rumbled in to view and absorbed my thoughts for the next few minutes…

I found Boza standing next to me and watching the plane with me and I remembered when I flew in one, I crop dusted in the past and we used a plane just like the one I was watching. They are extremely maneuverable and can fly very slow if need be. Yes I know how to fly a plane… (At least an old single engine!)

Then I sighed, looked at Boza and said, “Lets go boy! I need to go convince one more person on this planet, to appreciate that the basics in life are wonderful and worth more than all the trinkets we can gather and maybe they will stand up for the earth! For soon all this peace may be no longer…”

There will be peace: Please!

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