Think I better apologize!

indexIt never crossed my mind to make a simple statement that Sveta and I were okay. I never really said where Sveta and I were going on vacation, but since my readers are of a very intelligent type of reader, they can put two and two together and come up with four; instead of some new math figures or such…

Thus I have an inbox full of, “Are You Okay?”

Yes we are okay and what happened is sad, very sad…

Russian Kogalymavia Airbus A-321 (Flight 9268) went down in Egypt after taking off. It was bound for St. Petersburg with almost 100% Russians on it (Belarus and Ukraine had a small handful on board;) Russians that just spent several weeks having the time of their lives, dancing the lights fantastic and sun tanning to a bronze perfection. Russians are a wonderful people and this incident has hit home deeply. Lets hope that things are above board and life just has its ups and downs at times… 🙁

I myself am going to get ready to go back to the village and will watch how this incident unfolds…

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