What has caught my attention: Coral Reefs…

By | November 2, 2015
Coral and fish Red Sea Egypt

Coral and fish Red Sea Egypt

The Red Sea has stolen my heart, even with my dislike for certain aspects of where I must go to see such sights; the sights overwhelm my dislikes. When the heart and soul talk to your mind, you must take heed and in this case, snorkeling the Red Sea is a must, not a desire or dream. Next year I will have a special mask with underwater camera. For I just have to record my own images of what I see and what I see is spectacular, beyond even my imagination… (And I have an imagination to rival the best!)


Part of my training in the past was scuba diving. I have seen some neat stuff, but nothing like what I have studied the last few weeks. You can not deny the soul and heart when they talk to you. Sometimes embracing a form of childhood is a good idea and embracing the good, of the bad, I have been dealt with is excellent therapy…

Sveta agrees…

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