This is a clip from RT new film Donbass: I’m Alive!

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A resident of Mariupol alleges the Azov* Battalion pulled people out of their houses and ushered them into basements. Tanks started firing from everywhere, and no one could lift their head out for four days. He says, ‘the Russians were not even close at the time. This is murder, murder of people. This was done by Azov*. Believe me, I say to the camera: ‘Azov* did it’. He claims the Ukrainian military herded everyone into the basement.

In the destroyed Mariupol, civilians are left without food, water, or medicines. During the shelling, food was brought to them by the Angel humanitarian group led by Alexei Smirnov. They go to the most dangerous places, often narrowly avoiding death on mined roads. An RT Documentary crew filmed the Angels for several days, once coming under fire.

This is a clip from our new film Donbass: I’m Alive! The RT Documentary team has returned from Mariupol and collected locals’ testimonies.



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