This weekend I get second shot of the Sputnik V vaccine…

It just dawned on me that it has almost been 21 days since I had the first shot of the Sputnik V vaccine. We get to see how this round goes? I read about and posted this article before this one…

New Trials: Sputnik Light, single dose vaccine

Hmm….Will I run a fever again?

I wonder if this single shot version will work as good? Like Sveta said, “You could have been a test(er) monkey for this new trial? But you had the first shot!”

I am happy and I do not want to be a test monkey! Actually Sveta did not say that I would be a “test monkey”, I did, but it sounds better….Sveta is too sweet of a gal to insult a monkey like that… 😉

I will be glad when I get the last shot done and can get on with life soon!


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