Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov interview!

The United States has demonstrated to the European Union who is the boss by its demands regarding the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says in an interview with the RBC TV Channel…..”It is always possible to designate something as an excuse in order to shift the relations in the direction you need. Here it’s not as if they want to worsen relations. I don’t think this is their main goal. They want to bolster their self-esteem. Now they begin to act in the same way as the US, including displaying the mentality of the exceptional cohort of states,” the top diplomat said.He pointed out that the hiding of facts from the Russian side which could have supported accusations directed at Moscow began long before the Ukrainian crisis. “One can recall the year 2007 – the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko at a hospital. There was some kind of a coroner’s inquest. Then this process was declared ‘public’ which by George Orwell’s logic in fact in Great Britain means a ‘secret process’ with no investigative results of security services allowed to be made available within its framework,” he explained. “You know, these are systemic problems,” he continued.

Source: US shows to EU who is adult in the room — Lavrov – World – TASS


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