It is when you realize that US reliance is unreliable and deadly!

On Wednesday, the Vedomosti newspaper reported that a source from the state atomic energy corporation, Rosatom, confirmed it had completed a tender process to keep its computers ticking over. Management is said to have handed the contract to provide software for 87 of its separate subsidiaries to Russian developer MyOffice. The deal, commentators say, is worth 200 million rubles ($2.7 million), although the maximum value of the contract could be far higher. The state agency had reportedly previously explored the prospect of acquiring Microsoft’s programs at a total cost of two billion rubles (nearly $30 million). However, the requirement to secure a license from the US Department of Commerce for the sale of technology to some specific foreign entities was said to have held up the deal.

Source: Bye, bye Bill! Russia’s nuclear officials abandon America’s Microsoft Office software & switch to home-designed tech — reports — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

I keep asking why? Why did this reliance happen in the first place? How could anyone and anytime think the USA would be trusting?

Then all you have to do is to remember the Gorbachev years and Yeltsin years…

When Russia was sold to the highest bidder by a handful of scum within the Soviet and Russian system…

Long road to getting out of that trap!


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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6 thoughts on “It is when you realize that US reliance is unreliable and deadly!

  1. I liked Netscape and still have the original floppies for Lotus, Dbase and WP. All from when I went back to collage to finish a degree. Complete Lotus on a single floppy. Yet it worked.

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  4. Do you reckon this will lead to a nationwide exodus away from Windows in favor of Linux?
    At least, since Linux is open-source and free, one can develop a home-grown distribution that can cater to the needs of the whole nation without sacrificing software interoperability. Even if the distro becomes paid for (e.g. SUSE Enterprise Linux), at least profits end up within the distro’s country of origin, supporting the local economy and ending vendor lock-in.

    Thanks to the gutless US government, Microsoft – a single company in a single country in the whole world – is given free reign to make decisions for 80 to 90 percent of desktop computers in the whole world. They have been notorious for driving competitors to Windows and Office off the market – do you remember DR-DOS, OS/2, BeOS, Netscape, WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3?

  5. The article could be describing a government-owned corporation (Rosatom), but we’ll see whether this will lead to a nationwide exodus away from Windows in favor of Ubuntu or a home-grown Linux distribution like Astra Linux, and a switch from Microsoft Office towards LibreOffice and other office suites not made by Microsoft.

    At one point I analogized the USA’s abuse of its reserve currency status with Microsoft’s abuse of its monopoly in the operating system and office suite markets. (Do you remember OS/2, DR-DOS, WordPerfect, Netscape, Lotus 1-2-3 and BeOS?)
    The closest legal action we ever got was in 1997 when Microsoft was sued by the Department of Justice on the grounds that tying Internet Explorer to Windows 98 was an attempt to destroy Netscape, but eventually Bush became president and the Department of Justice overturned the lawsuit, allowing Microsoft – a single company in a single part of a single country – to make the decisions that affect 80 to 90 percent of all desktop computers worldwide. For instance, it was only until recently when the .doc file format was a proprietary one.

    This is also why I don’t own an Xbox console, although much of that involves the lack of exclusive games on the platform that I’m interested in – I’m more of a Nintendo guy anyway, although I also own a PlayStation as well.

    Which OS do you use on your day-to-day life?

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