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By | August 8, 2016

In about an hour I have to go turn off the well. I allowed the water levels to drop to a lower than normal level and told everyone when I would fill the wells again. Therefore, I am filling the wells and the mosquitoes and rain are and is thick. Going to have to take a antihistamine this morning. I have dozens of bites…

* * * * *

I woke at 3 a.m, my blood sugar levels were in the 4 range and when that happens, I can not sleep. I got up and started water for coffee, then Boza opened his eyes and said, “Since you woke me up! Lets walk!”

So we went to fill the wells and Boza takes this job very seriously. He leads the way and clears the paths of deadly kitties and frogs. Good to have a body guard, but he is not able to do anything about mosquitoes and I need a body guard for them. 🙂

Therefore, in an hour, we will go turn off the well!

* * * * *

I received about a two kilo carp yesterday, cleaned it and froze it for when Svetochka comes. She should be here on the 12th of August! Yippy. I will slit in half length wise and we will have two meals from it. I have a new way to cook the carp and will try it out when she is here… Of course Boza will get the head of the carp

* * * * *


Not much to say, except, “Boza and I watching the birds!”

* * * * *

Yesterday, I ate twenty strawberries from the patch. It is a constant producer and they are so good. The patch is in its first year and next year it will show its stuff…

* * * * *

The rutabagas are getting huge. The beets are now finally medium sized and we will have at least a hundred pounds of potatoes. Carrots are getting perfect and we have a bunch, to say the least….

* * * * *

I am drying another load of apples and this time, I put cinnamon and nutmeg on them. Oh My! You should smell the outer room. I just drool when I come and go from the home. 😉

* * * * *

yup and more yupNow this is the simple and profound truth. We do need to grow up and become humans, we have the ability, but do we have the care?

Gotta go and turn off the well…

* * * * *

Wells are full!

One last thought today; When all the churchies as I call them, came up the hill. A little boy was mad at his parents. He decided that kicking on our gate is the answer to life and tried to kick our gate to death. I was patient as they went up the hill and waited and watched. The parents did nothing, they did not even look at the kid. There was two more kids who were calm, but this boy was an animal. Then they came back down the hill…

The boy decided to start kicking again, he kicked at the gate so hard, that it flew open. It broke a board and I had had enough. I walked over to the fence, as he was kicking the gate again and looked at the parents. They tried to look at the sky and ignore what was happening. The kid looked at me and as if to tell me, “He will do what he wants!” Kicked the gate again…

I growled and said in my bear like voice. Nyet (NO!) and pointed down the hill. I did not say it nicely as in nyea or nye! Nor did I say it with a thank you after words. I said, “NYET!”

What happened next is hilarious and very sad…

The parents ran….The boy stood looking at me and as if his dad would help him….turned around and found his parents….hightailing it down the hill. Two other kids were even farther than the parents…

The little boy turned and looked up at me with eyes as big as 2 ruble coins and realized that his mom and dad had abandoned him. But he found out that he was the fastest one in the family, as he put on the afterburners and was at the bottom of the hill, before the others…

It was funny, but, it also made me realize that some people do not have what it takes to be a parent. Not because they are churchies in my eyes, but because they do not have the protection gene within their bodies. Self preservation is utmost…

I told you I am a big man and a grouchy bear! Don’t kick my fence people! And keep your kids under control… 🙂


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