Ukraine Getting Jitters About South Stream…

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Is Ukraine capable of convincing Russia that the days of stealing and playing games with European gas are over?

That is a billion dollar question to Ukraine and before the new president came on board.  Ukraine had an old president and prime minister that were bound and determined to destroy Ukraine. Without this transit money Ukraine would be in serious trouble financially.

Now Ukraine has been expressing her desire to reaffirm that she is a good transit country. A few weeks ago Ukraine made it clear that extra gas could be shipped through them if Belarus was going to be problems.

Is this transition from despising to embracing Russia, “a day late and a dollar short?”

Ukraine, which currently transits 80% of Russian gas to Europe, has been trying to convince Russia to set aside the South Stream project. If launched, South Stream will substantially reduce or cease the amount of gas transited via Ukraine and devastate the economy.

It seems to me that they did not care a a few years ago if they had the gas transit business. So what makes Russia believe that they will still care in a few years when another Orange Revolution is attempted by the West?

Here is a saying I use, “You Reap What You Sow!”  Looks like they better get the fertilizer out and help the relationship grow before it is too late…

Windows to Russia!