UNODC – World Drug Report 2009!

Let’s take a look today at the UN Report on the World Drug Problems in 2009! This is a comprehensive report that is put out every year by the UNODC. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)

Drugs crime graph

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All this information above is a tiny tidbit from a report that the UN puts out every year. This report is one of many that agencies all over the world put out about how bad things are in the world. This one is about drugs. I am not a fan of these agencies and their reports but since America likes to print reports about the rest of the world all the time. I thought we would include this report to everyone also, even though it shines a poor light on the Western world.

Link to the report it is in PDF:

It holds no surprises to me and should not to you either. The one thing that I want you to look at carefully is that the Western world (Western Europe and North America to be exact) stands out on these maps (above) of the youth (10th, 11thand 12th grade) in the world. This is a common trend through out the report, graphs and pictures. The really good thing is that they say that the trend in has dropped in America by 30%! That is still scary in a way, think how high the usage was a few years ago… (Even with a decline in usage America still rates as an exceptional high usage)

The next thing to look at is the increase in drug related crimes – almost double since 1995!

BBC states in an article about the UK – “The UK thus continues to be – in absolute numbers – Europe’s largest cocaine market, with its second highest cocaine use prevalence rate.”

Russia is trying to play catch up and that is not good. Russia has a serious needle injection drug problem that shows up in one graph and report. This goes along with what I have written about in this article. (Link)

But hey, America wants to legalize cannabis. So they can be number one Weed users…

Not a really very good report to stand out on.


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