Update on The 2010 Wildfires in Russia…

A Wildfire did this...

The date is 8/17/2010. These are kinda the stated facts from the news agencies in Russia.

1. The wildfire area in Russia has more than halved in the past 24 hours, from 45,000 hectares to 22,000 hectares.

2. According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, all wildfires have been extinguished in the Voronezh Region.

3. The area engulfed by fires has shrunk in the Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Kirov, Ryazan, Vladimir and Sverdlov Regions, and also in the Perm Territory, and the Mordovia and Mariy-El republics.

4. The fire-hit area in the Moscow Region has decreased from 46 hectares to 33 hectares.

5. Still, the fire-fighting effort continues unabated.

6. Over 160,000 people are involved in putting out the fires, as well as 26,000 fire-fighting equipment units, including 62 aircraft.

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