Upset the rulers of their sandbox, I see!

Like all children, NATO wants to be the only game going in the sandbox:

“Currently, NATO has not been invited to send observers to Zapad-2021,” NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told RFE/RL. “Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has never opened an exercise for mandatory OSCE Vienna Document observation. This is despite the fact that observations are mandatory when exercises exceed 13,000 troops. We call on Russia and Belarus to act in a predictable and transparent way, in line with their international commitments. This is especially important when there is increased military activity along our borders, to reduce risks and avoid any accidents or incidents,” Lungescu said in e-mailed comments on September 2.

Source: Russia To Show Off Military Might, Grip On Belarus During Zapad-2021 Exercises

Now you know how stupid the US is…

Since America has spent the past five decades turning the country into a giant kindergarten…

So NATO does not like wargames upon “their borders”….I guess NATO has borders? Is NATO a country?

“increased military activity along our borders”


I learn something new everyday!


Upset the rulers of their sandbox, I see!

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