US, er I mean, UK national Paul Whelan… er I mean… What do I mean? Canadian?

By | January 4, 2019

Gravy Train: The western press has gone all out over Paul Whelan. If they tossed me into the gulag, no one would care to see me! It is true….something big is up and the US and the UK are up in arms and they did get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar… Lets see how they spin this revelation…

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US national Paul Whelan, 48, was detained during a “spy operation” in Moscow in late December on suspicion of espionage, according to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). On Thursday, a Moscow court ruled to arrest him on espionage charges. US diplomats working in the Russian capital have informed UK officials of Whelan’s arrest and the fact that he is also a UK national, The Times newspaper reported.

Source: US Citizen Arrested on Espionage Charges in Russia Holds UK Citizenship – Report – Sputnik International

US, er I mean, UK national Paul Whelan…

Interesting: US citizen Paul Whelan caught with hand in the cookie jar…

US, er I mean, UK national Paul Whelan…

The former US marine who is being held in Moscow on charges of spying is a British citizen, it has emerged.

Source: Ex-US marine accused of spying in Russia is British citizen | World news | The Guardian

Use your god given talents and figure out what this is all about!

Gee, I wish someone would give me a second citizenship to another country. That is a damn expensive thing to do…

US, er I mean, UK national Paul Whelan… er I mean… What do I mean?


Update: It just gets better and better: “Consular officials are aware that a Canadian citizen has been arrested in Russia. Due to the provisions of the Privacy Act, no further information can be disclosed,” Global Affairs Canada said.

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