Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2012 will once again become president of Russia…

To the horror of the West and their paid lackeys! Monday, May 7th is a terrible day for them. Putin is taking the reins again at the helm of Russia. This is his third term as president and as of right now, people communicate as to the fact that he will at least be around for a 4th term, if all goes well for him. I will wait to see as to that last remark…

Ourselves, Sveta and I will be in the village on Monday, God willing and Moscow can have the joy of the presidential inauguration to themselves. To me, to much pomp is made out of a president taking over and I think that money spent on elections and election results is a slap in the public’s face…

But I am glad that Putin is back and I have hope for the world again. My hope is that Russia guided by Putin can stop some of the crap that is happening around the world and that Russia will get the damn counter balance back in place against the West. I see that happening as a Russia and China team up and that as Sveta always says, “Is Just Right!”

Kyle Keeton
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