Vladimir Putin signed the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, which provides for a reduction in the requirements for acquiring citizenship, as well as the deprivation of acquired citizenship for discrediting the Russian armed forces and for committing actions that pose a threat to Russia’s national security:

✔️ The law provides for a reduction in the number of requirements for more than 20 categories of persons when they are admitted to Russian citizenship, as well as expanding the powers of the head of state to determine the category of persons who are entitled to a simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship.

✔️ The law has been amended to grant Russian citizenship to a foreigner who has entered into a contract to serve in the Russian Armed Forces for a period of at least one year, and the number of articles under which acquired citizenship can be withdrawn has been reduced.

✔️ In addition, according to a simplified scheme, veterans of the Great Patriotic War – former citizens of the USSR, as well as veterans who are petitioned by the authority that issued the veteran’s certificate before January 1, 1992, will be able to obtain Russian citizenship.

✔️ Also excluded is the requirement for the consent of the second parent – a foreign citizen when admitting a child born in a mixed marriage to the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

✔️ According to the text of the law, deprivation of citizenship is provided for, among other things, for crimes of a terrorist nature, serious crimes against the state, as well as crimes in the field of trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, forgery of documents, or at the voluntary request of a citizen.

✔️ At the same time, acquired Russian citizenship will be revoked for publicly calling for action against the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, discrediting its Armed Forces, and participating in an unwanted foreign or international NGO.

✔️ Also, acquired citizenship can be revoked for a public call to extremism, encroachment on the life of a statesman and for organizing an armed rebellion in order to forcibly change the constitutional order of Russia and for committing actions that pose a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.


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