Meet Sammy – The Russian 310221 Volga!


Some of you have meet Sammy before (above). She was a stubborn girl when we had to get tags for her after we bought her. Sammy was the second Volga that we have owned. The first was a model 2410 Volga which had a abrupt end to her life by being stolen, stripped and burned.


We called the first Volga, Nelly! She was a fantastic machine that never failed us when the going got tough. The going got tough allot because we traveled about 50,000 km in Nelly. She took us to many CIS countries and back safely. Nelly went places that maybe we should not have gone, but she went without complaints and got us back home.

But as great as Nelly the Volga was, she pales in comparison to Sammy the 310221 Volga. The station wagon that we have now is a whole other world above the model 24 we had.

The model 2410 could sometimes reach 150 km per hour if you had a tailwind and going downhill. The 310221 cruises at that speed all day. We do not need any tailwind anymore. The model 2410 had drum brakes all the way around but Sammy has disc front and that is a different world in stopping power. The 2410 also had a 4 speed manual transmission and we now have a 5 speed manual in the 310221.

There are dozens of reasons that Sammy is better than Nelly except in one area. Sammy has not traveled all over Russia with us like Nelly did. But we are getting ready to solve that problem this summer and do so with several trips planned of many interesting kilometers.

We think Sammy will do just fine for after all she is a Volga…

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