In a Auto in Russia You Must Have Icons…

I was reminded by a reader of ours about the icons that seem to be in most if not all Russian cars. I have grown use to them and have them in our car as well. It just seems to be correct and who am I too upset any apple cart…

Because of an icons connection to the divine figures they present, they were seen as powerful protectors that help keep away bad fortune. So Icons are used in automobiles as a guardian angle type of situation.

I consider them a comfort and could not imagine my car without them now. This reader expressed that he has them in his car in America and I think that is really cool. Because no matter where you are in the world a little help in surviving, is not out of the question when it comes to driving the roads of today’s byways!

We even have a little extra in the lower right part of the windshield and to top it off if that is not enough we have an extra icon by the ashtray that insures safety on the road…

So believe in it or not, you now have a little more knowledge about Russia

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