Russia is Starting To Talk About Korea…

One thing that seems to be normal for Russia is that she takes her time and thinks about issues before spouting out all over the news. Then the news that is put out, has to be carefully examined…

This time the Russian news is abuzz with this information: Konstantin Pulikovsky, is a rare person who has spent time with North Korea’s secretive leader and has traveled extensively with Kim Jong Il. This leading Russian expert on North Korea said on Thursday, that he had serious doubts about Pyongyang’s involvement into the sinking of South Korea’s Cheonan warship.

Konstantin Pulikovsky who maintains official contacts with Pyongyang, because he was presidential envoy to Russia’s Far East in 2000-2005. Has broken the Russian silence, he said,

“I personally have serous doubts that it was North Korea that sank the ship. Why do this? For what purpose?… I don’t see any logic.”

This is the start of the summation of what Russia is thinking…

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