Volkswagen Makes it Clear that Russia is the Future for Car Sales!

Not all car news is bad in the world and Russia has had her share of car industry collapse. Now Volkswagen who has not laid off even a single employee in Russia has been spending money like crazy and they aim it all at the future of car sales in Russia…

Despite the market slump, WV remains the biggest foreign investor in the Russian car industry with a 6% market share. €570 million has been injected into the Kaluga plant since 2006. Investment kept flowing even during the worst of the credit crunch – with almost one hundred million euro more to be ploughed-in next year.

VW has garnered Putin’s attention (who is a staunch classic Soviet automobile supporter) and recently Putin paid a visit to the new plant in Kaluga: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has described the plant as an “industrial city”. He said the smart management which created it gives inspiration that Russian car markers can steer their way out of the crisis.

Volkswagen says that they are number 3 in the Russia car market and that just is not good enough for them…

Windows to Russia!
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