Wally the Wagtail is smitten… (Its magic I tell you!)

What is this magic girls have over guys?

This morning Wally the Wagtail started his day as he always does, waking me up and following me around and then he came to me and said, “Do you hear that?”

I listened and heard another wagtail answer him and in a little bit, Wally came and he was all excited. He said, “Do you see her? Look at how she wags that tail!”

Monkey Uncle Sparrow looked and said, “She is not all that!”

But Wally was in trouble and I knew I should not chance the fate of gods and speak about him in a post. Wally the Wagtail is smitten with love and after a few hours of being enticed by a waggy tail, from a cute little Wagtail girl. Wally has falling for the oldest trick in the book and run away to cater to his new life with “Hussy the Wagtail”…

Monkey Uncle Sparrow said, “Oops, and all because she wagged her tail so good!”

I said, “Yes, but your time is coming!” Monkey Uncle Sparrow just looked at me like I was crazy…

Then I realized as I walked around a much quieter yard and missed my little wagtail watching me. It is magic I tell you….guys fall all over themselves when a girl decides that she has found the one she wants….she smiles, she wags her tail and she knows just how to catch what she wants. Its magic I tell you!

Its magic I tell you!


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