War is We and So We Are: USA

War that’s what we do! We are a aggressive and dangerous country. Lets just for sanity sake start around the early 1980’s. Most people have some knowledge of that time frame. So what was and is the US up to in the world of wars?

War just a few:

war1981 Gulf of Sidra incident
1982 Lebanese Civil War
1986 Operation Prairie Fire
1986 Bombing of Libya
1987-1988 Iran-Iraq War
1989 Gulf of Sidra incident
1989 Invasion of Panama
1991 Gulf War
1991-2003 Iraqi no-fly zones
1992-1994 Somali Civil War
1993-1995 Bosnian War
1994-1995 Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti
1998 Bombings of Afghanistan and Sudan
1999 Kosovo War
2001-? War on Terror: (Operation Enduring Freedom – Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan – Operation Enduring Freedom in Philippines – Operation Enduring Freedom in Horn of Africa – Operation Enduring Freedom in Trans Sahara – Operation Iraqi Freedom – War in North-West Pakistan – Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown)
2003 Second Liberian Civil War
2011 Libyan civil war
and now we are rendering the same in Syria…

If you want a really long list, we can go farther back, but this list definitely gives the picture of how and why we are such a loved and desired country in the world…

I find that Americans are either plain stupid or they just do not care and we all walk over the gasping, dying, writhing mess that is our life. So that we do not have to deal with little things like blowing the hell out of other countries for no reason, other than the simple pleasure of making a handful of people very rich and very powerful. I said it makes them rich, not you, because it sure in the hell does not do anyone else in America any good and in the end run it will be a detriment that will be our demise…

Maybe if we try real hard and work at it. This time we will succeed in starting WW3. Then I can promise all that ocean buffer, will not keep you safe. WW3 will be taken to the US doorstep and no one will knock as they kick the door in. While we are a very powerful country, we are not invincible and the world is getting smaller by the day. Nukes do not care how many guns you own, nor how much ammo you have…

Besides Afghanistan whipped our ass…

Post by Kyle Keeton
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