A Weekend in Moscow – Russia! (Part 2)

I just posted an article about our fun this weekend! But I did not put all our fun in this article

You have to read that article link above to understand what the time frames are for this article. But I will simply put it that it was about 11:00pm Sunday night and we had just watched a wonderful movie. Svet and I stopped at McDonald’s and had a bite to eat…

After we ate I decided to check the oil on our Volga and had the back tailgate and hood open. I was standing by the tailgate when this car with a single young man pulled up and he was showing all signs of distress. He asked to use a phone and Svet let him call from hers. He even got in our car.

I felt no danger from him but knew he was a danger to himself or someone. He was polite and could even speak a little English. Now this young man tried to call about three times on Svet’s phone and then ran to his car. He brought a purse and put it in the back of our station wagon and closed the tailgate. He then asked Svet if he could buy the phone?

We both said, No! He apologized and shook my hand and said thank you. When I held his hand and shook it, I felt the stress in him like a balloon ready to pop. He was showing classic signs of tremendous pressure and I knew he was ready to crack at any second.

He said thank you again before he left. As he started his car, Svet walked to the front of our car and I turned and looked at the young man. He showed me a weapon in his open palm no finger on trigger and he was shaking his head as if to say (A bad thing is going to happen real soon) …

Like I said he was not ill willed toward us. Then he gunned the engine and tore out of there.

I was at that point after he left, I reopened opened the tailgate and looked through the purse. The purse belonged to a young lady and her passport was in the purse. I immediately told Svet to call the police and tell them what happened. I told Svet that he was on his way to either kill this girl or kill himself….

The police finally came and we turned the purse over to them. We tried to explain what happened and like us they had a rough time believing that it happened. It makes no sense if you look at it in a black and white context. But…

I understood what took placed and only because I felt the situation as it unfolded. I heard the car that the young man was driving, as it tore around the parking lot corner. It had an angry sound and it abruptly stopped behind our car. I felt the tension even before he got out of the car. The young man obviously just had a bad falling out with this young lady. He somehow ended up with her purse as the fight ended. He stopped wanting to call her on a phone. She did not answer. He gave us the purse to give us information on who it was he was upset with. He showed me the gun to let me know what he was about to do! As I said, he was not ill toward us and it was more of a son and father second. When dad knows his son has lost it over a girl and you realize you can not stop what is about to unfold… (I hope that his few minutes talking to Svet and I, took the edge off of his anger…)

I just hope that the police got to her in time! (She was single and had a two year old child.)

We will most likely never know what happened…

How was your weekend? Ours was interesting!

Windows to Russia!
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