Well Well Huawei #1

My favorite phone company has touched the top of the phone world. Yet will it hold up? Lets hope so….my Huawei mate 30 is simply the best phone I have ever owned and it is totally Google Free…

Huawei surpassed Samsung as the World’s Largest Smartphone Maker in April 2020 – Gizmochina: Neil Shah, the VP of Research at Counterpoint confirmed to us in a mail that Huawei was the world’s number one smartphone maker with a 19% market share for a short period of time. The South Korean conglomerate had a market share of just 17% in the same period.

Huawei’s success could be attributed to the patriotic Chinese consumers who have given preference to the company’s products ever since the ban was imposed by the US government. In China, the company has been doing exceptionally well in the past few quarters. On the other hand, the lockdown in April, forced by the pandemic, severely affected sales of Samsung in markets like India, the USA, Latin America, and parts of Europe.

Source: Huawei surpassed Samsung as the World’s Largest Smartphone Maker in April 2020 – Gizmochina

Good for Huawei and I, like many more will help support a company that is under attack by illegal means by the west. It really helps that Huawei makes fantastic products…

Maybe that is the real issue?

Huawei makes excellent products and very advanced products…

It is a no-brainer, buy Huawei!


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