You can play all the games and excuses you want, but they did murder George Floyd (new – Video)

I believe that George Floyd was a product of the USA system of its issues and regurgitation’s of her people. He was wrong in what he did, but the wrong in the way that the police handled it and performed their duties, was far exceeding the crime that had been committed. Too many Judge Dredd Hollywood movies in play here and being a judge and jury is not the police way. We are not talking about Hollywood here where actors go home after the movie is made. It is real life and on camera to watch him die… – WtR


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Warning: This is beyond disturbing, even harder to watch than the first video. “Get off of his neck! He’s not moving!” “You’re going to let him kill that man in front of you?” Tou Thao stood guard as Derek Chauvin MURDERED George Floyd … while witnesses of the execution tried to stand up for JUSTICE, tried to save George’s life! The protest of those bystanders, who refused to just stand by and let it happen, has reverberated around the world — fueling our protest against injustice and police brutality!! 8 minutes 46 seconds. The four ex-officers MUST be convicted of MURDER for this hideous atrocity! They MUST all be held accountable!! #icantbreathe #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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Just in case they remove the original from Instagram… (George Floyd murdered – download link)

You can play all the games and excuses you want, but they did murder George Floyd (Video)….does not matter what he was on, did, etc etc etc…

And they did it with no care and or remorse…


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