The West Turns a Blind Eye To Abuses In Russia?


The article should read: The West Turns a Blind Eye to Abuses in America!

I would like to know why I see so many articles about how bad the Human rights are in Russia? These articles many times come from American based Groups……

MOSCOW, January 31 (RIA Novosti) – Human Rights Watch said on Thursday that Western democracies are failing to put pressure on Russia over what the U.S.-based NGO sees as human rights violations…(Click: Read More)

“International criticism of Russia’s human rights record remains muted, with the European Union failing to challenge Russia on its human rights record in a consistent and sustained manner,” the rights organization said in an annual report, World Report 2008.

The HRW highlighted flaws in December’s parliamentary election in Russia, relations between public organizations and state bodies, as well as the situation in the North Caucasus and Russian nationals’ right to fair trials.

The report highlighted dispersals of opposition rallies and intimidation of opposition activists as major rights violations by Russian authorities last year.

“Authorities banned or severely restricted a series of opposition demonstrations known as “Dissenters’ Marches,” which were nonetheless held across Russia,” the report said.

“In November the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe cancelled its mission to observe Russia’s December 2 parliamentary elections, citing operational concerns. The Russian government had imposed unprecedented restrictions on the size of the mission and did not issue visas to observers in a timely manner.”

The organization also cited the barring of Russian sexual minorities from holding public gatherings last year.

“On May 27 several dozen Russian lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and their supporters, tried to hold a peaceful demonstration outside Moscow’s City Hall. Police arrested 21 demonstrators and observers as the event’s organizers attempted to deliver a petition to the mayor’s office protesting its ban on a gay pride parade,” the report said.

On the situation in the North Caucasus, the HRW pointed to the activities of Chechen security officers, who allegedly torture terrorist suspects.

“2007 proved a landmark year for international justice on Chechnya. Unable to secure justice domestically, hundreds of victims of abuse have filed applications with the European Court of Human Rights.”

“In 11 rulings to date, the ECtHR found Russia responsible for serious human rights abuses in Chechnya, including torture, extrajudicial executions, and enforced disappearances. In every ruling the court has found a failure by the Russian government to launch a meaningful investigation,” the report said.
This is my article from the past…………..


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about a video that I found. I also read an article about free countries and not free countries. The saying: “The pot, calling the kettle black!” comes to mind.

This is a contradictory situation of existance!

You see: I grew up in America……………………………………

I grew up, seeing a world that was very unfair to many people that lived in America. I grew up watching the African American be treated less than dogs.

I grew up in a world that put the American Indian in some of the worst pathetic land in the whole country.

I grew up in a world that when it was found out that this land that was given to the American Indian was rich in minerals and other precious things, they tried and did succeed to remove them.

I grew up in a world that allowed burning crosses in peoples front yards.

I grew up in a world that men are paid more than women.

I grew up in a world that, was so bad that we had to make rules on how to treat nonwhite people.

I grew up in a world that, labeled everyone! (white, black, minority, …..on and on)

I grew up in a world that, had to be politically correct!

I grew up in a world that had separate bath rooms and water fountains for whites and blacks.

I grew up in a world that treated people who were (claimed to be) communist. Like evil demons, then beaten, jailed and murdered.

I grew up in a World that talks down to the Mexican, but will work him in the fields for very little money.

I grew up in a world that dropped the first Atomic Bomb on Humans.

I grew up in a world that allowed white men to kill black men, with no repercussions.

I grew up in a world that with out money you are less than someone.

I grew up in a world that children bring guns to school and kill other kids.

I grew up in a world that Drugs are on every street corner including those near the schools.

I grew up in a world that saw girls at 13 pushing their baby stroller with their baby, and are impregnated with another child.

I grew up in a world that bussed white kids to the inner cities and black kids to the suburbs.

I grew up with open concept class rooms in school, (the only thing you learned was that you could shoot a spit ball 100 feet.)

I grew up with, “In God we trust” then they took “God” away from schools.

I grew up saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”. That offended some one and they said no more “Pledge of Allegiances”.

I grew up in a world that all men are created equal as long as you do not THINK!

I grew up in a world that if you are rich you can get away with murder.

The world I grew up in, allows most criminals more rights than the average person has.

I grew up in a world that made women fight for their rights before giving them some!

I grew up in a world that said only bad girls smoke, then they discovered that bad girls have money and created cigarette’s for them called slims.

I grew up in a world……(How many more examples do you need?)……

Some of these statements are from my past to now.

They all are truths because I have lived them all. America needs to reread the Constitution of the United States!

This video will give you something to think about.

I grew up in a world that I thought was better than what I see on this video!

Kyle Keeton

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Guess what I try to say all the time is, Make sure your own closet is in order before you accuse others of wrong doing!


comments always welcome.

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