What is Russia Up To? (September 5th, 2009!)

Seems that Russia can not ever stay out of the news.

Lets look at Israel hopping up and down screaming – Russians helped Iran with nukes – Israel: A list of Russian scientists who allegedly helped Iran to develop a nuclear bomb was handed to the Kremlin by Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, The Sunday Times reports. Now all this is because Israel is blowing a smoke screen to divert attention from the way the UN slamming Israel over the Gaza war…

Lets look at – The Pentagon: joint use of Russian radars possible:
The US is considering jointly using two Russian radars as part of its missile defense system, US Assistant Secretary of Defense Alexander Vershbow said in an interview with a Russian news agency. Now this just gets better all the time. This is exactly what Russia said more than a year ago and at that time answers from America came back not really very nice. Russia is now having the same reaction as then: Is America Going Nuts? (Sometimes!)

Lets look at – Elton John tickles the ivories of his “Red Piano” in Moscow: On October 7th, 2009 not only do you get a wild and full-of-energy Sir Elton John, but you get it all in a truly unique environment also. “The Red Piano”, the spectacular musician’s show, comes to Moscow straight out of Las Vegas. That would be worth seeing but I hear that tickets are all sold out and have been for a long time.

Let stake a peek at – Old Testament to be put behind bars?: A scientist in Russia has sent a statement to the Prosecutor General’s office in Stavropol, Southern Russia, demanding the Old Testament Bible be declared extremist literature. I am going to follow this one because having graduated from a Baptist University I find things like this interesting.

Lets look at an age old problem that seems to rear its head every few months – Moldova’s Transdniester wants independence, accession to Russia: The case of Moldova’s breakaway region is different from that of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, observers believe. Whether it is really different or not I do not know for sure. But what I can tell you is that after being there personally. Transdniester wants to be part of Russia. (Seems a little bit hard with Ukraine between the two though..)

So as always Russia is having fun and stays either in trouble with the world or gets involved in things that cause trouble down the road… (except with Elton John we hope!)

That is what I love about Russia! 🙂

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