What Is Russia Up To This Saturday, January 3rd 2009?

Windows to Russia!
I was drinking my second cup of coffee and thinking about what Russia has been doing this week. So to start with Russia has been removing as many Russian and CIS citizens out of the Gaza that she can. So far around 350 have been removed. Israel is getting ready to attack and Russia asked Israel to hold off the attack until she could remove some people before the carnage starts. Update: As of late Saturday Israel has attacked by ground forces Gaza. Sad…….

While Israel is destroying the Gaza: Ukraine is stealing gas from Russia. This is exactly what Russia said they would do. Ukraine has shown that they are now not a trustworthy transit country. Ukraine is taking over $8,000,000 a day in gas. Even though Ukraine says that they have enough to last several months, I think this shows that Ukraine does not have reserves and that theft is the only way for them to have heating gas. Russia has shut the Ukraine gas supply off and only supplies European gas through Ukraine. It is a simple measure to see if Ukraine takes gas. Gazprom knows how much gas goes in to Ukraine and they know how much gas comes out of Ukraine. Romania, Poland and Hungary all reported shortfalls of up to 40% in Russian gas delivered through Ukraine – Ukraine is stealing gas!

So while Ukraine makes themselves look like petty thieves in front of Europe: The FIS world cup alpine ski promotional event has been held in the center of Moscow. A state of the art movable ramp of Guinness book of world record dimensions was erected next to the Moscow State University. This thing is really a portable mountain. (Link)

So while Moscow is playing with ski ramps: The big foreign news in Russia is from America. ( Muslims have been kicked off a airline due to who they are and what they talked about. It was over heard that they were concerned about the safest place to sit on a airplane. It did not help that they are Muslim and dressed traditionally Muslim in appearance, with the men wearing beards and the women in head scarves. According to sources even the FBI was called and it really became a stupid situation. To top it all off all the Muslims are USA citizens.

So while America is making traveling the blue skies an experience you will never forget: The traffic Police in Moscow have their hands full and are working over time. In the first two days of the new Year 63 traffic accidents, resulting in the deaths of nine people and some 80 injured, had been recorded on Moscow roads.


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