Russia: The Worlds Largest Portable Ski Ramp!


Moscow has just set a World record but not in what you would think at a skiing event.

The FIS world cup alpine promotional event has been held in the center of Moscow. A state of the art movable ramp of Guinness book of world record dimensions was erected next to the State University. The Russian capital is the first city in the world to host such a highly rated international event on a practically flat landscape. The organizers managed to gather 14 top skiers to ensure the unique experiment is successful.(Link)

This is one huge ramp and it has been designed to transport all over the world and be used at any city to host a ski event. Problem this year was that Moscow had a shortage of snow for the ramp. It needs 4,000 cubic meters of snow to function, so trucks came from Siberia and made sure that Moscow had the snow it needed.


Kyle & Svet