Winter Holidays in Russia are here! (Grab the Bread)

Our Prize: Russian – Georgian Style Lavash Bread! (Yummy)

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Russia is in her Winter holidays. The days off are from the 1st of January to the 11th of January. This is a time when everyone (literally)is off work in Russia. The only places that you might find open are grocery stores and gas stations. This is a tradition that came about after the fall of the Soviet Union and Svet tells me she does not like the tradition. Svet feels that because the weather is so cold and snowing everyday, that to be off now is only conductive to sitting in the house and watching TV. If mandatory off time was in the summer then people could go to their Dachas and enjoy the time off.

I agree with her 75%. I like to walk in the snow so I really do more walking at this time of the year. I am a winter person though.

An example of what happens at this time of the year: Last night we took a walk to go buy groceries. We finally found a store that was open! We really had most groceries that we needed except bread. (Of course, the store had no bread because all bakeries are closed.) We left that store and went to several more, all out of bread. We stopped at a little side store that sold beer and vodka. They had two loaves of bread, that they had baked, for sale. We grabbed those last two loaves and behind us came in at least 10 people looking for bread also. The little store was now was full of people looking for the last bread on the street. I looked at my wife and said: “You know we could name our price and make lots of money off this bread!” Svet and I made it out of the store alive, as everyone was having a fit inside because we got the last two loaves. We did not feel bad because we searched for our loaves of bread and discovered them first.

In fact when we got home and took a bite of that fresh bread it was the best prize we ever had. 🙂

Kyle & Svet

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