What is Russia Up To This Week? Nov. 13th, 2008!



I was looking at everything that Russia was up to this week and some of it is pretty good. I will say that Russia is not bored…..

First thing that came to mind was that Robert Gates from the USA came in to have a chit chat about missiles. He was not asked to come in the first place and the Kremlin put out the word that Gates was there to undermine the new Administration of Obama’s. So he was given the cold treatment and told that communication with the new administration will be considered later. After Gates was done he had an attitude and did the “USA Administration Criticize Russia Routine.”

Then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a televised interview with French journalists broadcast Thursday that Moscow was willing to reconsider deploying Iskander missiles in its westernmost region of Kaliningrad if Washington did not place 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a missile-tracking radar in the Czech Republic.

Of course U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates had already expressed his rejection of the Russian suggestion that both countries scrap plans to place missile systems in Eastern Europe.

Medvedev then went on record for the umpteenth time: “The decision to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia is final and irrevocable, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev made clear in the interview with French Le Figaro. Russia has recognized two new international entities and those entities exist in terms of the international laws, Medvedev said, specifying that one doesn’t joke about things of this kind.”

Then South Ossetia will inform the European Parliament of the failure by EU observers to properly perform their duties in the buffer zone in neighboring Georgia, South Ossetia’s envoy to Russia said on Thursday. South Ossetia is tired of the lack luster attitude that the observers have toward Georgia and allow Georgia to get away with murder and kidnapping.

So now lets touch on the sad subject of the deaths aboard the Russian submarine: “The official report is that a crew member activated without permission a fire safety system on board the Russian nuclear submarine Nerpa, causing the deaths of 20 people, investigators said on Thursday.”

While we are in the open seas lets talk about the possibility that Russia is considering opening a base for its Black Sea Fleet in Abkhazia, a former fleet commander said on Thursday. This has been a idea floating around for the last few months and seems that it might be come a fact.

Then lets go locally and wonder why a 10 year old boy needs to put a cat in the washing machine: “A Muscovite couple called rescuers after hearing their pet inside the washing machine. They called the rescuers after discovering that the door would not open to release him, the spokesman said. The unfortunate cat was put in for a spin by the couple’s 10-year-old son. “

We step to the religious side for a minute: A mysterious man donned in all black and a mask left the Holy relics that were earlier stolen from the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow on the front enterence of the Monastery! Looks like God did some soul twisting on this one.

We end with a report from FBK Audit: World’s leading countries have already spent 9.2 trillion dollars on anti-crisis measures, FBK Audit and Consulting Company said. Great Britain takes the lead at this point as it spent 37 percent of its GDP on the crisis. The United States follows with 3.5 trillion dollars (25 percent of the GDP), Germany comes third with $893 billion (25 percent). The crisis has so far cost Russia $222 billion (13.9 percent of the GDP)

9.2 trillion dollars! Can you even imagine that much money?

That is what Russia has going on this week.

Kyle & Svet

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