Will Terminated Mayor Yuri Luzhkov be back to Russia?

Yuri Luzhkov
Yuri Luzhkov

Yuri Luzhkov recently received a British visa to visit his family in London, England and has left Russia. This is according to a Russian based news agency, who was quoting a source close to the British Home Office…

The rumors are and have been flying like the proverbial snow in the Moscow wind.  Now – it seems to be a fact, that Yuri Luzhkov has definately left Russia. The second he crossed that big border, out came this new news on the Russian wire…
[pullquote]A probe by the State Audit Chamber revealed 230 billion roubles ($7.82 billion) of financial violations by the Moscow government over two years, declining to say when this happened. Except they made it clear that Yuri was “large and in charge…”[/pullquote]
“Russia’s financial watchdog uncovered almost $8 billion of financial violations by Moscow authorities under ousted mayor Yuri Luzhkov, highlighting the country’s battle with rampant corruption…”

Gotta love the timing of that statement of information!

What are the odds that Yuri and his billionaire wife will ever be back to Russia? What are the odds that her billions have already been moved out of Russia? If you had billions of dollars and allegations of this magnitude against you, would you step back into the fire? Hummm…

I seems that Yuri has come back with a, “I will be back to fight these allegations…”

I know what I would do! I would take my billions and go buy an island somewhere in the vast world. Get a new citizenship from Dominica 🙂 with his petty cash fund and take my learjet and travel all over the place. Let Moscow… (Well you know what I mean! :))
[pullquote]Yuri Luzhkov still has a lot of influence in Moscow politics, his continued high approval from the people have put a thorn in the Kremlin side. Besides his wife is worth $ billions of clout…[/pullquote]
But then again I know what it is about to fight for your honor and life if you really are innocent… (Link to Harassment!)

So once again, time will tell. Do you think Yuri and his wife are innocent victim of the repressed and depressed Russian society? (Sounds good doesn’t it?)

So is he a crook like almost everyone in his type of position all over the world seems to be?  Their time comes and goes but they always leave rich. But the ones that don’t leave – at least in Russia. Go to jail and are broke, for a long time…

(Yes just like Khodorkovsky…)