Windows to Russia: 1000 Posts Strong!

Here at Windows to Russia we are stopping to reflect on the last one and a half years. This blog came to life in May of 2007! Originally I had intentions of just writing about anything that I felt like, but after a few posts I realized that my passion for Russia would over ride all else.

At first the site was called Windows to Russia: by Kyle Keeton but that grew into more than just Kyle. I had a little Russian Sweety that was intrigued by what I was doing and she was showing interests in trying to write articles herself. Svet started Svet Sunday and from that success she developed a very good Video Blog and a Russian powerhouse of a blog called Blogger 4 You printed all in Russia.

Windows to Russia became a we and expanded to multiple horizons. Some areas never took off and some did. We failed at integration of a forum and the guest book became a spam arena. But the Photo blog, Video blog, Soviet Stories and Did You Know all became a huge success that added to Windows to Russia and generates 800 to a 1000 Googles a day. Windows to Russia has generated over 600,000 site hits since being developed.

We have started another Windows to Russia that will in time grow to become more advanced than the original Windows to Russia! (We stress in time!)

We have a huge reader base of very silent readers that read and leave. They never comment but they keep the site reading average at over 7 minutes and 6 pages per visit. We want to thank all the silent readers that support the blog and let you know that Svet and I appreciate the fact that so many people find what we say worth reading.

We have a core group of readers that comment and keep life interesting. We will not name all of them and they know who they are. They have increased the knowledge base of Windows to Russia 10 fold. Most commenting readers have fantastic knowledge about Russia and with their help the blog has been a success. (Thank You)

Mixed into the pages of Windows to Russia, blended with the articles, nestled next to the politics, hiding behind the pictures and peeking around the corners of the posts. Is Svet and my thoughts on Russia.

Thank you all for making Windows to Russia a success.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.