Windows To Russia: 500 Posts!

Originally posted 2008-05-06 07:52:00.

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & realized that we are at 500 posts for Windows To Russia!

I asked myself was it worth it?

My wife and I have put a lot of time into this blog & all blogs attached to it. Windows To Russia’s was born on 05/25/2007. Before that was several posts from a blog that had a lack of direction……

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So Windows To Russia is about a year old. During that year we have upset a few people & a few people have upset us. We have had well thought out comments & comments that we could not print. In that year we have made some fantastic friends…..

List of Friends Blogs:

These are blogs and blog owners that we communicate with on a regular bases. These are blogs that we have watched grow and helped to grow just like they have helped us. These are people that we are going to try our best to travel & see someday!

As far as content for Windows To Russia it has stayed centered on Russia, we refuse to wander too far from the Russian theme. Even if America seems to be the bad guy!

I myself have been accused many times of being against America. That is the furthest from the truth.

You see I came to Russia with preconceived notions, ideas that Russia is something that is evil. I was convinced by American media that Russians live in a totally depressed society.

I found a World that is equal if not superior to the one in the USA that I left. In my life I have stepped foot in Canada, Mexico, America, Germany, Ukraine, Vietnam, Moldova, Georgia & Russia. I have always been surprised at how wonderful the world really is, at how alike people are all over the world & how governments seem to be the root of the problems not the people. People all over the world will take the shirt off their back & give it to you if you need it. People all over the world will give you their last slice of bread if you need it. People in other parts of the world seem to have stronger moral convictions than what I saw in America.

So what you sense from me is an American that has realized that much of what he was taught & thought, was incorrect about the world.

Was it worth it? Yes!

Thank You for reading “Windows To Russia” & all her satellite blogs.

Kyle & Svetlana

comments always welcome.

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