Windows to Russia: Comment Demons!

Windows to Russia has had comment issues for a good week (OK… A lot longer). We have tried any and everything called a comment device, to get a system that looked good and would work across the board in all browsers.

We hope that we have succeeded this time. We have installed Disqus – We have used Opera (latest build), IE6, IE7, IE8, Flock, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5, K-meleon, Google Chrome and Safari. They all work!

We have not lost any comments and I will try to enter as many as I can from the last week to get back up to date. That is about 200 comments. In all I have 6543 comments in a back up file that I really do not know how to intricate back into a new system.

I have in mind to start a comment section in the side bar widget to the left and put all comments in to a post system. At least they are not lost.

I am not going to talk good about Disqus yet because everything else has failed so far. Just today with Disqus I had 10 times that the Disqus site would not load. That is not a great start…

Thanks everyone for being patient and not yelling at us too loud.

Kyle and Svet

comments always welcome. 🙂

PS: If Disqus works out I will post a Yippy Yi article…