Windows to Russia: Comments are Verified Only and Other Updates!

By the way this picture came from compliments of the US Coast Guard Blog!
Due to a onslaught of sick and disgusting comments. Windows to Russia has become verified e-mail only comments.

You can use Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Open ID and Yahoo. This is a wide range of log in systems that will be increasing as the time goes by.
I received 5 comments last night while sleeping that were the icing on the cake and if people can not comment with out curse words, death threats and racial remarks – Then do they really need to be commenting?
One icing on the cake was a very rude racial comment to a very good reader of ours. That “broke the camels back” so to say…
Another one that pissed me off was an insulting comment about my wife for being a Russian Jew! This particular comment was originated in Washington DC in America! Washington DC is the king for rude and crude comments according to my records that I keep…
I have tightened the comment section over the last month and finally closed all the loop holes that I could find. I really hope that this does not cause issues with readers, but the trouble can go somewhere else and play!
Comments from readers has never been a huge part of Windows to Russia and most people read and move on to other blogs without ever leaving a comment. I can get a lot of comments but I have to stir the waters so to speak and hit a sore subject with America…
Now lets talk about since I have switch domains that we lost half the readers right off the bat. This has come back and I have finally separated the two Windows to Russia’s!
Both domains have come back to a page rank of 4 with Google and have very respectable Alex ratings in the 200,000 range.
Anyone that is interested will find that we have a huge array of blogs that cover multiple aspects of Russia and more! It is easy to forget because Windows to Russia is the main blog, but we (Svet and I) put a lot of effort into several blogs…
Blogger 4 You! (a Russian Blogspot Help Blog)
As The Donut Turns! (A English Blogspot Help Blog)
Windows to Russia News! (Replaced the articles – Russian News From Russia?)
The deal is that to see all of what we do, you have to look at the photo blog, the video blog and Windows to Russia as one blog. They all have different articles and you are looking at over 4000 posts in just our Russian blogs.
Another thing you should do is to stop by and see Svetlana’s – Russian Video From Russia! (Link above) Google Russian Video and you will see her at the second or third spot on the first page!
Svet has worked hard many nights very late to bring you some fantastic Russian videos…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.