Windows to Russia – Going to Israel!

Svet and I got “Places to go, People to See, Things to Do” in Israel. So from the 2nd of November 2009 to 18th of November 2009. Svet and I will be gone. We will still try to post a little bit and try to check on comments…

Boza has been left with a good friend who he really likes and will most likely not want to come home when we get back. 🙂 We also are going to leave frozen, snowy and very icy Moscow, Russia! You take off in subzero freezer and land in a smelt furnace. (That is how it feels when you are use to Northern temperatures…)

We will take lots of pictures and that way we can show you all what we did.

(Goof Off – that is what!)

So see you all when we come back…

Windows to Russia!
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