Windows to Russia Has Been Busy This Weekend!

Hey Everyone,

We have been a little quiet this weekend on the blog front. We had some internet friends from America fly into Moscow on Saturday. So for two days we have been up early and get them settled.

A farmer (Dennis) from Wisconsin and his 18 year old son (Darrell) decided to take a trip to Moscow, Russia. Svet and I got to know him over the internet through Windows to Russia. We promised to meet him at the airport and to make sure that they had all the necessities to survive. We found a place with a good Russian friend of ours to stay and they are having a great time in Moscow.

Svetlana’s son (Misha) is showing them around the Red Square today and several museums / Art gallery’s. Tomorrow they fly to St. Petersburg and spend a few days there. Then they are going to visit some Russian friends for a week in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Dennis has been to Russia a few times but this is the first trip to Russia for his son.

So I am back at the keyboard today getting caught up on the sites. It was fun to have another American to talk to and get caught up first hand on things in America…

Windows to Russia!
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