Windows to Russia Presents: My life in Bergen, a Photoblog by Bskaad!

Today while drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia, I came a cross one of my favorite blogs My life in Bergen, a Photoblog by Bskaad. That had two very neat articles about Russian Ocean going vessels visiting Bergen, Norway. One article was about a visit from a Russian Submarine and the other was a visit from Andrey Melnichenko in his new Super Yacht! (Russian Billionaire)

First article is:

Second article is:

Bskaad has a good eye for photos and takes a lot of pictures. He has this photo blog that he posts in as often as he can and when he does I am always there eager to see what he is up to.

I saw the submarine a little while back but was waiting for a kicker article to go with it. Today Bskaad supplied what I needed and I decided to post about beautiful Bergen, Norway!

Svet and I really want to go visit Norway and after you see his pictures you will know why…

Thanks to Bskaad for letting me reprint the photos.

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