Windows to Russia Saw South Korea’s Missile Fail?

It is an amazing world that we live in. We are so nice to South Korea when they fail (abort is the new word) at a satellite launch. We even make up excuses and say jolly good try and their space program suffered and we pronounce for good measure that Russian experts are there helping to find the problem (Funny how Russians are good only when it suits the West)…

Now when North Korea wanted to launch a satellite the Western press stirred up the whole world about how it could be a missile test and be the next step to Armageddon…

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) — South Korea’s space program suffered a blow Tuesday after a satellite launched from its first space rocket failed to reach proper orbit, a science official said.

WASHINGTON (ABC) — US Warns North Korea Not to Launch Satellite, But Not Sure How to Deter Them. – Some reports have suggested that North Korea’s announced satellite launch could be a cover for a test of a new long-range missile capable of hitting the western United States.

Where is the groups making fun of South Korea and their failure? Did you notice that South Korea has a space rocket not a missile? Did you notice that Japan and America did not worry that South Korea’s space rocket could hit them? Did you notice there are no cartoons making fun of South Korea? Did anyone notice?

I guess if I was to use the same standards then South Korea is testing a missile for the purpose of carrying a nuclear weapon, but that would not be as exciting as the evil NK and the inevitable destruction of the earth…

These are the things that should make you go Hummmmm!

Windows to Russia!
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