World As Boza See It!

Boza the Russian Dog…

Today I was walking the dog, his name is Boza! He is half German Shepard and half Wire Haired Terrier. He is less than half the size of a regular German Shepard!

Boza has a good outlook on life. His outlook is simple, Just have as much fun as you can everyday. He loves the Village trips, he loves my cooking, he loves to go for walks and he loves to just lay around and goof off. Most of all he loves the one person that I love more than anyone else, my Wife…

Now Boza is Russian, He understands many Russian words, (more than I do). He understands many English words (I know more English than he does). I think he is pretty smart. He is almost fluent in two languages. (I can not say the same)

I watch Boza, the world to him is full of wonderful things. He chases bugs. He chases birds. He wants to be friends with everyone, people dogs, cats, bugs, frogs, toads, and anything else that will be his friend. He does not have a mean bone in his body. The world is a play ground for Boza…

I wonder why we as humans have all but lost this zest for the World. I think that I could learn something from Boza, I need to stop and check out the beetle that is crawling in the grass. I might live longer!!!

I have a rough time in my life, I am a type A personality. (get it done and get it done now). I have had multiple heart attacks and multiple stents put in. I worked 365 days a year, at 16 to 20 hours a day, for many years. It almost killed me! I am slowing down on purpose and watching Boza! When he chases something in the grass, I chase it with him! 🙂

Maybe this Russian dog will teach me to live longer and have a fuller life.

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!