The World: Maybe Russia Could Put Missiles in South America & The USA Says No More Free Border Crossing!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, when I came across information that Russia is working on relations with Venezuela & Colombia. Russia wants to sell military weapons to both? Now that is a tricky thing to do since they are not really best of friends. 🙂

The thoughts came to me that this would be a good way to get close to the USA with military weapons and such. Just think: Maybe they would like to have missile bases on their soil. Just like the USA wants to do in Poland & Czech! Seems like a fair trade….

Now the catch to some of this is that the USA is trying to declare Venezuela a state sponsor of international terrorism and impose sanctions on Caracas. Looks like if the USA doesn’t like you, we just declare you a terrorist.

Speaking of terrorists issues, I have been reading about how countries that use to travel freely to the USA now must call three days in advance to tell America that you are going to be crossing the border.

US security: Visitors must give 72 hours’ notice!

Travelers from 27 countries, including Britain, will be required to register online with US authorities at least three days before leaving to visit America, it will be announced today.

This latest measure aimed at bolstering American security is expected to take effect from January 2009.

Last year, European companies expressed concern when the US homeland security department floated proposals to make passengers register with US authorities 48 hours before travel. Critics feared this could complicate last-minute business arrangements.

The introduction of the new 72-hour notice period will be announced by the homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, later today, according to a US government official.

The rules will apply to citizens from the 27 nations of the visa waiver scheme. This includes most of western Europe as well as Australia, Brunei, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.

Although the measure will require registration 72 hours before traveling, successful applications will be valid for multiple entries over two years.

Passengers will be able to register in advance from August this year through travel agents, airline websites or a special US government website.

Strange how all of a sudden Australia, Brunei, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and all of Europe is seeing their rights being eroded by the USA, (The land of the free is becoming less free one day at a time).

Kyle & Svet

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