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Windows to Russia

Putin this Sunday is to go to the Bush family’s oceanfront estate in Kennebunkport, Maine. There will not be a lot said about this meeting. This is an opportunity for the two most powerful men on earth to discuss issues that the media plays games with, like Missiles, Cold War, and Vodka!

This is a good time of the year to BBQ in America. Potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, coleslaw, baked beans, and Budweiser Beer!! I wish I could be there.

This is one of those meetings that a saying of my Grand Ma fits. “If only you could be a fly on the wall, the things you would hear” She is right!


The thunder is Crashing and the Lightning is Flashing. Boza our dog is hiding under the bed. I am enjoying the cool air and the refreshing of the ozone. The air smells wonderful and fresh.

The weather in Moscow is identical to the weather that I grew up with. It brings back many memories. Memories that were from a good childhood, My family was poor but I had all I could eat and never bored. I grew up on a farm most of my life. I can remember seeing the rain clouds rolling in, fast. At the last moment I would run for the barn and jump in the hay and play while the thunder rolled. Sometimes we had to go to the storm shelter or cellar and hide when tornadoes would be present.

Life is good, my Grand Ma always said: “Just look for the cloud with the silver lining! Every thunder storm has one of those clouds!”

The sun just came out while it was raining: A rainbow just appeared! My Grand Ma is smiling, for that would be the silver lining, as she would say!!


Russian view of the world!!


Hello Take a read at a 1983 article,

(“The enemy within”

“Psychiatrist John Gleisner argues that we must develop a totally new way of thinking about ‘the enemy’ to avert a nuclear catastrophe.”

“‘GOTCHA!’ screamed the headline in the London Sun the morning after a British submarine sank the Argentinian warship General Beigrono in the South Atlantic last year. The 360 sailors who went down with their ship were only Argies— the enemy— and cheers resounded in pubs up and down the country.

Many were shocked to hear British people chant ‘nuke the Argies’ and to see how the Ministry of Defense and the media portrayed Argentina as a nation of international gangsters. It was a shock, but it should not have been. After all, governments and media throughout the world have perfected a psychological war machine which is highly efficient in fostering fear and hatred of ‘the enemy’. True, for us in the West the enemy these days is usually portrayed as toting a red flag and a fistful of nuclear missiles, but the fear and hatred are free-floating and can be attached, by skillful maneuvering, to any object.

Softened by centuries of insecurity, our minds are malleable clay for the psychological war machine. There have often been good grounds in the past for fearing the enemy, and the distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’ was once necessary for survival. But nuclear weapons have changed everything.

Today that ancient them us distinction threatens the survival of them and us. As Einstein once said: ‘The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our way of thinking. . . we need an essentially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive.’

The old them-us thinking is dangerous because it leads us to accept the unacceptable. And the reasoning goes something like this:

‘The Russians are basically different from us. They are wicked bullies who intend to take over the world. We can stop them only by threatening them because bullies only respond to threats. And because they are basically different from us it is alright to destroy them if necessary. Nuclear weapons are terrible but it may be that the Russians cannot be stopped by any other means. Although nuclear war would be horrible, we have a reasonable chance of surviving. And anyway life under Russian rule would be far worse than death.’

If any individual spoke about another using logic like this they would be diagnosed as paranoid. And, indeed, them-us thinking is a time-honoured symptom of psychosis (a psychotic being someone who can no longer distinguish between events in the world and events taking place in their imagination), characterised by what psychologists call ‘denial’ and ‘projection’.

‘Denial’ is refusing to acknowledge one’s own unpleasant motives. ‘Projection’ is attaching these unacknowledged motives onto someone else and then rejecting them. It is the perfect way of having your cake and eating it too: of indulging your own bad motives and criticising them at the same time.

Our media and governments depict the Russians as aggressive expansionists bent on our destruction. A powerful perception of threat is created to soften up the public for yet more ‘defence’ spending, And in the Soviet Union precisely the same tricks are used to persuade Soviet citizens to make the necessary ‘sacrifices’ for protection against us.

Most of us have never met a Russian. Yet there are few of us without opinions about how dangerous they are. We tend to see our own country as conciliatory, just, trustworthy, rational, legitimate. Theirs is aggressive, unjust, untrustworthy, irrational and illegitimate. Yet anyone travelling in the Soviet Union is soon struck not only by the Soviets’ strong belief in their own peacefulness, but also by their surprise and puzzlement at the fact that foreigners do not view them in the same light. They fear us — for precisely the same reasons that we fear them.

The noted sociologist and psychologist Gregory Bateson drew an analogy between nuclear deterrence and drug addiction: the ‘fix’ (new weapon) gives a sense of well being that gradually fades only to require a bigger fix. What the two also have in common is a powerful dose of denial. Denial of the danger of nuclear war underlies government thinking on defense. The public’s denial may be less strong, but they are hampered in their understanding by a pervading sense of powerlessness, which in turn leads to more denial: nuclear war may well happen. But not to me.

Our thinking cannot change without combating denial and projection the mechanisms of the psychological war machine. Logical argument in the face of paranoia is as ineffective as with a person in the grips of a psychotic episode. Emotion is what’s needed emotion directed appropriately. Fear of nuclear war and its effects are legitimate and appropriate and can lead to reappraisal of the old fear the Russian threat. Another method of penetrating denial is to look for the absurdity in the whole upside-down logic of the old them-us thought structure.

Confronting denial and projection can be painful, disorienting and can leave one feeling powerless. But another new belief network is gaining ground. The peace movement is at last building another way of thinking that can sway governments as countless people are daring to reject the old them-us psychology. But the question is: can we develop this new way of thinking in time to avert catastrophe?

Dr John Gleisner, a consultant psychiatrist at the North Western Regional Health Authority in Greater Manchester, is active in the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons.”)

Hello again,

I remember well the days of the Cold War, This article from 1983, is a perfect example of the mind set from that era. Dr. John Gleisner, all well known Psychiatrist. Put the whole issue in a nut shell, as we say in America. The people of America had never even seen a Soviet. But because the government was so active in propaganda. The Americans had an opinion about someone that they did not know.

This mind set will never change in America until the people accept the fact that the USA government plays games with them, Mind Games!

Kyle Keeton

comments always welcome!


If the US plan goes ahead as expected, high powered radars from Poland will be able to cover all of European Russia, and a good chunk of Siberia as well:

At the same time, it illustrates just why Central/Eastern Europe is such a perfect site for this anti-missile system.

  • It’s directly in between any missiles that may be fired from Iran towards the US.
  • It’s almost directly in between any missiles that might head towards Western Europe.
  • It’s sufficiently far enough away to allow interceptors to be launched in good time.
  • It’s perfectly placed to mesh with US-based radars covering the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.
  • Oh yes – and it just happens to have a bonus feature allowing sneak peaks into Russian airspace…”




1st picture- environmentally safe antifreeze.
2nd picture- antifreeze kills animals.
3rd picture- High powered racing antifreeze, For Those On The Go!
4th picture- Do not waste that old antifreeze!

((“sometimes at a rate of two votes per second, more than 25,000 testified to being “regular” consumers of antifreeze and the like. Even after BBC computers zeroed out the results the next morning, the votes kept piling in, with over 90% blithely confirming suspicions that Russians are pretty much liquored up all the time.”))

Were you asked to vote in a BBC poll. Thousands of Russian blogger and Internet users have visited the BBC website to answer to the question. “Do you drink, eau de cologne, antifreeze, and detergents?” The answer ‘Regularly” was the most popular in the poll at about 90%.

Russian Internet users in the past have helped to push one other prank question to the top position: “Is Russia going to deploy combat android robots for protection of its borders?” Never underestimate the power of Russian blogger. Especially when it is something relatively mindless.

There are a lot of Russians on the Internet. It was said, that so many responses came in that the servers were over loaded. That even when the poll was shut down for the overload, that when reopened it was still being heavily hit.

This was a poor poll for BBC to put out, I understand that these polls are computer generated at times. So this might be an example of that. A computer logical question but not human logical. Also the translation from different languages can cause question problems. I think that BBC should scan the poll questions before posting.

I can tell you from living in the USA and now Moscow, The drinkers of alcohol are just as bad in America. You have a bar on every corner and every quick stop sells beer. So Americans could be asked the same question, Home brew is very popular in the USA and I personally knew some interesting characters that went blind drinking rubbing alcohol.

comments always welcome!



Had fun today, NOT!

Purchased a web domain today, moved my blog site to the new domain and lost everything. Took me hours to get it all back. Now the blog is on the new domain. instead of
I have my own spot now in the Internet world.

The transfer was not easy and was not fun. I did get everything working. Now I am publishing this article.

Want to thank my Wife for being patient with me, because I can get grumpy at times. This was one of those times. :)



I have a hard time thinking that the two most powerful Presidents did not go home after the G-8 meeting and say to the family, (God what I just had to go through for world peace!) Sometimes even the “elite” has to play nice!

I find it interesting that Bush invited Putin to his Texas Ranch. Interesting to see if Putin will go.

I am glad it went well, Now Bush just needs to forget about those missiles in Europe!


. .

The three pictures are of the three types of mosquitoes that live in Russia…

1st picture- normal Moscow variety, just slightly irritating…

2nd picture- this mosquito lives in normal cities and towns, people carry shotguns to kill them. This variety has been known to carry off cats and dogs when traveling in packs of 20 to 30 mosquitoes at a time…

3rd picture- This is the mosquito that lived in the Village I stayed at. The photo was taken at 100 meters and still could only get his head in the photo. This is a Giant Killer Village Mosquito. Bred in the Russian country side. (Now you know why the Villages are empty): Takes Army tanks and rocket launchers to kill them!!!

Other than Giant Killer Mosquitoes, The Villages are perfect!

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

1st picture- typical Russian byway.

2nd- road to our Village!

3rd- Village house that my Wife and I stay at, Her mother owns the house.

4th- Sunset at the Village (Sunrise to Freedom).

5th- The Village!


This is some of what I love about Russia. I was raised a country boy in America. It is just natural that I love the Russian country.

Now about the roads! I got to get me a 4×4 van, Russian made. Then I can make my own roads.


Picture of work being done to Monastery.

I just got back from The Village called, Sunrise to Freedom. As I drove home I thought about the 12 people that live there.

8 women and 4 men.

Now you would think that 12 people living in a Village, many km from society and road that only a mountain goat would love, would all live in peace and harmony.

Not so! There are two ladies that I call goat ladies,(they have goats). One lady is cow lady. (yes she has a Cow!) There is Well guy, (he operates the pump for the water). There is Orange car guy, (Yes orange Car). There is a lady I call Garden Lady ( great veggie garden). The rest of the people stay hidden. Most likely to stay out of trouble. :)

The two goat ladies where best friends for like 50 plus years, but now they wont talk to each other, something about grand kids fighting or something. But cow lady is friends with both goat ladies, so she has to be careful about who she converses out in the open with. Well guy loves anyone who has Vodka, So he wanders from home to home looking for vodka. Well guy agrees with all the ladies and likes everyone. Now we have a new comer to this community. (no not me).

We have a Pope as they call him in Russia. I call him Preacher Boy! He has decided to rebuild the Monastery. He has bought about 4 of the houses and brought in 6 to 8 workers. They live there now! What use to be a Monastery for women is now going to be for men only. So I guess you could say the Village is growing.

Preacher Boy, has brought several government officials and other people to his new found Monastery. He comes in about once a day for about 10 minutes. Then he blesses the world while talking on his cell phone and leaves, not to be seen until the next day. He also drives an new Audi. Preacher Boy is doing very well for himself.

So I say 12 people that live there all their lives and now about 8 that live there part time. 15 people that visit couple times of the year. A Pope who visits daily, now and one Cow!

Oh, yes! One American who goes and visits. :)

Then my Wife said, “This place is too crowded”

She is Right!!!!!!!


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