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Recipes From Russia: The Simple Syrniki or Curd Pancakes (Russian- сырник [и])

This recipe is as easy and simple. The idea for showing this recipe came from a good reader of ours Blackseabrew. He was just in Ukraine and looks to me like he had some of these fantastic pancakes. So since Blackseabrew suggested it, I present – Syrniki or Curd Pancakes!

1 1/4 cup of well drained cottage cheese
1 large egg
2-3 tbs of sugar
1/2 cup flour

Put all the ingredients in a medium size mixing bowl. Mix until the consistency is that of a bread dough and even lumpy in appearance. Add a pinch more flour if it seems to be to thin.

Make and Fry:
I use my fingers and dust them with flour. I pinch off a large spoonful size chunk of dough and roll in a ball. On a floured surface I flatten the ball into a flat pancake. Make sure that you flip dough and coat both sides with flour.

In a preheated (medium heat) non stick skillet with a layer of veggy oil in the bottom. Lay the pancakes one at a time into the oil. (Careful do not splash)

Fry until first side is golden brown (or even darker like we like them). Turn the pancake over and fry until the second side is golden brown.

Syrniki taste great with sour cream, jam, jelly, preserves, molasses, sorghum, maple syrup and they are great just plain… Yummy!

Notes: They are best made with farmers cheese, goat cheese, Syrniki are many times made with a mixture of pot cheese (similar to cottage cheese but is drained longer and therefore has a slightly drier texture). Hense the need to drain cottage cheese very thoroughly in America.

(singular syrnik; in Russian, сырник[и])

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Pickpocket: We All Think That It Will Never Happen To Us! (Part 2 – Militsiya Experience)

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I started a series of posts about the Visa trip that I just made to Ukraine. (Part 1) Today we will have Part 2 of that series. Today lets talk about what the first thing that you should do after having something stolen from you in Ukraine.

Being from America and even with my experience in Moscow, Russia. You call the police or as they say here in this part of the world – Militsiya! I reported the incident within 5 minutes of it happening and this started a whole day of total Stupidity! (With a capital S)

I reported it to the Metro Police at the station: That got about as far as give us 1000 hryvnia and we will try to help. (“Try” he said and 1000 hryvnia is way over a hundred dollars) The next was cops on the streets of Ukraine. They were the nicest and directed to a precinct to report such cases. (Never found the precinct though, but the street cops showed real concern and really it was not their jurisdiction.) I then tried the next metro station police and got the – This is not our problem look – Then I went to my hotel and got directions to another precinct – There I got the – get away because we are busy attitude – (I looked around and they were busy alright – eating donuts and cookies – sound familiar to us Americans) Then I called the American Embassy and talked to a nice gentleman about the situation – He directed me to another precinct and said that they can help me. (By the way The American Vice President, Joe Biden was in Ukraine. This caused me huge delays and issues trying to get things done. The Embassy was closed while he was there… ???) – I went to where the American Embassy directed me to the police – You guessed it – Do Not Bother Us, We Are Busy, How About Bribe Money? We Could Try With The Correct Incentive!

Since I am a anti-incentive sort of guy when it comes to my and Svet’s money. I gave up on trying to do the correct thing.

I decided to do it my way! 🙂 I realized that the Ukraine police would and could not solve any issues. I will say with all honesty that they (Ukraine Militsiya) make the Russian Militsiya look fantastic!

I proceeded back to the hotel get some rest and good food – then proceed at 6 am the next morning to tackle the issues one step at a time.

Part 3 is a continuation of what happened next when I go to the American Embassy in Ukraine…

PS: One important fact – When you are pick-pocketed you had something stolen not robbed. Report correctly because they get bent out of shape if reported wrong. Robbed is by weapon and stolen is like theft. (I myself felt robbed, stolen, violated, and insulted)

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Russia Today: The New US Administration is the same as the Old US Administration!

Retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski gives us her view points on what the Obama administration is really doing…

I see a lot more upper military starting to step forward and express their opinions on what is happening in America.

Very good video from Russia Today!

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