The Arctic Sea is Still Afloat! (Update Oct. 26th, 2009)

As you know I have been following this story on the Arctic Sea for quite some time now. This poor ship has been through the ringer so to speak and there still is a captain and three crew members who are still on board, along with Russian investigators.

The Russian-crewed and Maltese-flagged cargo ship at the center of a mysterious hijacking case is currently being towed towards Malta and may be handed over on Tuesday, the ship’s Finnish owner said.

“The Arctic Sea might be there as soon as tomorrow, in the afternoon,” said Viktor Matveyev, director of Solchart, which holds 100% in the Maltese firm that owns the vessel.

Matveyev earlier said he would travel to Malta to discuss details of the vessel’s handover.

Matveyev said Malta’s maritime officials intended to examine the ship before deciding whether to allow it to enter the port of Valletta or not.

It has not sunk yet and just might be let into the Maltese port… (Remember I said might, because it has not happened yet!)

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Windows to Russia: Svets – Russian Video Blog!

I am very proud of Svet. She has worked very hard on a blog named Russian Videos from Russia! This blog has now finally come into its own and has been recognized by Google as a major video source for Russian videos. It has reached the top of the list when it comes to the term Russian Video. ( Everything above her blog is either paid links or YouTube related links.

Svet has almost posted one video a day for a long time now. She has 500 videos and it looks like she loves the blog so much that we are going to see a lot more. Svet also has a weekend movie most every weekend that is usually an old soviet movie and is full length. These weekend movies take Svet a long time to do because many times she has to download, convert format and process her own movies.

Last full length movie that she posted was Queen of the Gypsies“, a made in 1975, by Moldavian film director Emil Loteanu and in 1976 “Queen of the Gypsies” won the Golden Seashell at San Sebastián International Film Festival. I found the movie really wonderful and was entertainment that we all need to stop and watch. The actors made a believer out of the audience and will make a believer out of you that the life of a Gypsy is carefree and interesting…

I stay out of the blogs workings unless I have to help her and she has gotten to where she needs very little help anymore. So I am very very proud of my Sweetie… 🙂

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