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U.S.-Russian 3-Year Multientry Visa Bill to Go to Duma…

After months of delays, the government has finalized a much-touted visa agreement with the United States and drafted the corresponding bill, though it was unclear Wednesday when the State Duma would hear it. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the bill and ordered it to be sent to the Duma, the government said in a decree published on its website. The decree was dated and published May 25 but only became known […]

Moscow Says: Excuse Me! But What Did You Say?

Moscow Refuses to Get Used to U.S. Envoy’s ‘Gaffes’ 21:55 30/05/2012 Moscow considers the “blunt” statements by U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul to be totally unacceptable while his lack of professionalism could be detrimental to the reset of Russian-U.S. relations, a senior Russian diplomatic source said on Wednesday.Read More >>

How About the Truth About Syria?

Making sense out of Syria Making sense out of Syria The conflicting stories coming out of Western sources over Houla get more suspicious by the day. Given that the West in general, and the FUKUS Axis in particular, has tried to pull false flag events before, and given that they are itching to find an […]