How About the Truth About Syria?

Making sense out of Syria
Making sense out of Syria

The conflicting stories coming out of Western sources over Houla get more suspicious by the day. Given that the West in general, and the FUKUS Axis in particular, has tried to pull false flag events before, and given that they are itching to find an excuse to enter Syria, no surprises. What is going on? A disgusting manipulation, using kids.

The west (FUKUS Three and NATO) and its terrorist minions in Syria is perpetrating the most appalling and shocking barefaced attempt to dupe the world’s governments and people in an attempt to create a casus belli in Syria.

For a start, let us use common sense on the Syria story because it is a story that could easily start a major international conflagration and before we start, let us remember as we discuss who did what that the murder of innocent civilians and in particular children, goes against the grain of common human civilization and violates any norms of decency. These children are the victims and they should be in the forefront of our memories…but let us apportion the blame to who committed the act and not wrongly blame other innocent parties for the crime.

Regular armies do not commit massacres, mercenaries and terrorists do

Massacring children also goes against the grain of what regular armies do, anywhere on the planet. It is by now evident that the “Houla massacre” was not caused by long-range artillery shelling of civilian homes because the bodies are intact and appear to have been killed by knife wounds, close-range shooting or RPG fire. This does not however go against the grain of mercenaries or special forces, whose trademark is slitting throats, as we saw in Libya, where the FUKUS Axis special forces and their terrorist friends ran amok slicing breasts off women, raping girls, impaling boys with sticks, torturing old men and women and murdering, torching and looting. We have seen it before.

They have tried it before in Syria

And given that many of the so-called “Syrian” terrorists are in fact these same Libyan terrorists, we now start to read the book and the story with other eyes. It is patently obvious to those of us with international contacts that the FUKUS Axis is itching to get its claws into Syria and will try to do so first by creating false flag events, as it did in Libya, as it did in Iraq, as it did in Kosovo. The chemical weapons attack (chemical weapons allegedly smuggled to the Turkish border from Libya) outed by me in this column several months ago before they had the chance to carry it out did not materialize, and now we have the massacre of Houla just as Kofi Annan appears, on cue to start a massive media campaign.

Now when Russia told the story as it is, there were at first howls of derision from some of the same media outlets, but now silence as they see their story failed. So what next? An Iraq-style attack outside the UNSC, hoping that public opinion would carry them through on the backs of the children they massacred or had massacred?? Is this after all another western mail-order massacre? If so, how callous and evil can you get?

The facts

Firstly, regular armies do not go around slaughtering children. Secondly, there is plenty of evidence of excellent relations between the Syrian Armed Forces and the children they protect from this western-backed scourge. Thirdly, we saw what the western-backed terrorists are capable of in Libya.

Fourthly, the immediate allegations were of sustained artillery barrages. Why then are the bodies intact? Why has the story now changed? Fifthly, would anyone put it past the terrorists to dress up in Syrian Army uniforms and try to incriminate the authorities? Sixth, what about the claims by the Syrian government that it had nothing to do with the massacre, after admitting there were terrorist elements in the area? Why are they ignored?

Point number seven: How can the west argue that “even if the massacre was not committed by the Syrian government, the fact is that it failed to protect the people” a day after it accused the said government of the same? Point number eight: Who is financing and arming the Syrian terrorists?

Point number nine: Who profits? Are the Syrian Armed Forces going to massacre children under the noses of the UN inspectors? Would the Syrian Armed Forces or any Army formation do such a thing? Of course not. It was a staged mail-order massacre, ordered by the west, perpetrated by their terrorists in Syria and peddled on their media outlets. What a cynical and disgusting manipulation of the truth, using tens of children as victims.

Those who have tried to make footage from this should be disgusted with themselves and may their souls burn in Hell for the rest of eternity. How disgusting, how despicable and how shameful, Messrs. Cameron, Hague, Clinton, Obama and Hollande.

Eye-witness accounts tell a different story

“Large numbers of militia from Ar-Rastan attacked on May 25 at 20.00 two villages in the Province of Homs – Tal-Dow and Al-Hula. Now, the village Tal-Dow under the control of government forces. There, as well as in Al-Hula, militants killed young children. In particular, in the same family killed three children – two boys and a girl, the eldest of whom went to the fifth grade. Their mother was raped and shot. All killed in his house shot in the head”.

“Apparently, the purpose of this operation was the adoption of UN Security Council resolution for the start of NATO military operations in Syria. To do this, the international community planned to provide eerie footage of dead children allegedly killed by aircraft and artillery Bashar Assad”.

To exert pressure on public opinion and changes in the right direction positions of Russia and China have been prepared in advance texts and subtitles in Russian and Chinese languages, to read: “Syria – Homs – the city of Hula. A terrible massacre perpetrated by the Syrian regime of force against civilians in the town of Hula. Dozens of victims and their number is growing, mainly women and children were brutally killed by indiscriminate bombing CITY”.

“Coordinated terrorist attack squads began the evening of May 25, in the dark. Filming of the corpses of children were made in daylight on May 26, while the titles to these videos in Russian dating back May 25”.

Grandmother of the Al-Hula (ANNA News Agency):

“We here took place the massacre, and we want to see Al Jazeera took off that there has actually happened, not what they passed by unknown people.
Block positions were attacked by police. All the soldiers were killed, then they attacked our villages, torched a hospital in Al-Hula.
Bandits killed our pharmacy next to the pharmacy for a fact that he has treated a wounded soldier.
Nobody but the army will not help us. In anticipation of the arrival of Kofi Annan, went escalation of violence, and increased the number of terrorist attacks. Our children can not go to school, we can not go to our fields, our gardens and on the job.
That was yesterday – it’s unbelievable cruelty. Thousands of militants from the Al – Rastan attacked the town, killed all the soldiers at checkpoints. Burned the city hospital.”

Syed Abdul Wahab, a resident of Tal – Dau (ANNA News Agency):
“The terrorists who want to come here ostensibly free to take power. We have always lived in peace. We cannot leave the house. Twenty-six hours we were hiding in their homes because of the bandits.

Grandma to UN monitors:
” They say airstrikes have been!. Lies, lies, lies. Liars, all of them come from Ar-Rastan.”

A local woman:
” We are from the villages of Al-Gaunt, which is located next to the Al-Hul. Nine terrorists killed my relatives in the field. The bandits set fire to our houses and we fled into the Al Gore, but there were bandits who kill us, we have a martyr, who was burned alive.
Why, by what law did they die? Is this Islam? Is this justice? All this from Hammad from Qatar. Hamad (emir of Qatar) is you now satisfied?”

Marinella Correggia, ecopeace activist and journalist

Marinella Correggia sent her evidence to Pravda.Ru.
1. Interview with RT: “The children don’t seem to be the victims of shelling or artillery, but of direct killings from a short distance,” she told RT. “Therefore it doesn’t seem possible to make a connection between the accusations by the opposition that the army attacked Houla with heavy weapons and the way the children were murdered.”
“One of the videos on YouTube in Spanish says ‘Assad bands killed children in Hula,’ but in fact shows images of children in houses that SANA and Press TV say were killed by armed groups of the opposition in other villages.”

2. The videos in youtube concerning the martyred children show different locations ( and
One wonders where those children were killed and where they are.

3. Here another video shows children and says “the hands were tied before the execution”: Very strange. Nonsense to tie the hands before killing them! So it means the hands were tied after: therefore those showing the children fabricated it…
Comment: So the hands are tied and they die in massive shelling? They tried this nonsense before elsewhere in other mail-order massacres

4. I don’t see any videos showing true bombings and artillery firing. Typing on Google “Hula massacre” one can see a video (on Hula?) showing men in the street who run after the sound of firings, leaving some bodies on the ground, but some of the running men have Syrian official flag not the one of the opposition…

Source: Marinella Correggia
Italian Eco-peace activist and journalist

Once again, another western lie, a cynical and revolting lie, using the deaths of children as a pretext for invasion. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not get much lower than that. Who is going to stop the FUKUS-NATO onslaught against humanity?


Today is Backpedal Day For McFaul and the USA Government: Damage Control Time…

Well it took the blog-sphere and some heated pointblank articles like mine all over the Russian network, to get McFaul and the Administration of America to back pedal and try to cover up what McFaul has been up to in Russia. So now after a stupid remark from the American government yesterday and it went something like, Russia needs to just live with Mcfaul and that is that. Now I have tried to find that statement and it is nothing but a trail of 404 pages on the web this morning… :)

But I have my data base and it is full of stupidity statements like this and that is why I keep them, because things are erased from the net all the time: The U.S. State Department said on Tuesday that Russia will have to get used to U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul’s outspoken statements. “He speaks plainly. He speaks clearly. He doesn’t mince words. He’s not a professional diplomat,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

Okay I have to repeat what I just read: He speaks plainly. He speaks clearly. He doesn’t mince words. He’s not a professional diplomat! I speak plainly, I speak clearly, I do not mince words and I definitely and I am not a diplomat, so can I have McFaul’s job? I would definitely be better at a relationship with Russia than he is!

Now McFaul is in full damage control and I bet he feels like a goldfish in a real small fish bowl today, with a cat looking in the top…

As a proponent of better U.S.-Russian relations, I was surprised by the official reaction to my talk at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. The central thesis of my presentation was how much U.S.-Russia officials have accomplished in the last 4 years with the “reset” in our relations. As one of the architects of this policy and as President Obama’s representative here in the Russian Federation, it is natural that I would give a talk applauding the results of the reset. Prime Minister Medvedev said recently in Seoul that the last three years of the U.S.-Russia relationship have been the best period in U.S.-Russia relations in history. We agree, and I am proud of the personal role that I have played in improving the bilateral relationship between our two countries.

The goal of my speech was to applaud how we now cooperate in Central Asia, avoid linking unrelated issues, and are relaxed about claims of internal interference. The point of my digressions into past historical practices was not to “spread blatant falsehoods”, but rather to illustrate precisely how much we have overcome by abandoning these outmoded ways of diplomacy from previous eras. Maybe I shouldn’t have spoken so colorfully and bluntly. On that, I agree and will work harder to speak more diplomatically.

U.S. and Russian officials are now engaged in serious dialogue to stop the horrendous killing in Syria, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities, and to promote trade and investment between our two countries. As I have every day for the last four years, I look forward to working closely with my colleagues at the MFA and elsewhere in the Russian government to return to this real agenda of U.S.-Russia relations.

Okay McFaul, I believe you…

I remember a movie from the 70’s that had a young guy who got in trouble. He kept saying, “What did I do? What did I do? What did I do?” All the while everyone looked at him like he was stupid or something and could not believe that he did not know what he did…

McFaul: “What Did I Do?”

I have a question McFaul! Why did they send you to Russia if as our government admits, “He’s not a professional diplomat.” Then what the hell are you doing here promoting democracy under the table, by scummy ways and pissing everyone off, if you are not a diplomat?

I am sure that Putin will have lots to talk about McFaul to Obama and Putin may not even care to talk about anything else when they meet and Obama should be thinking about that right now as they do political fallout control…

Have some links to articles in English on McFaul:

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I would be glad to sit down with McFaul and have a chit chat about the way to survive in Russia, because he is definitely not doing anything correct and the only reason that he has survived this long is because Russians are very patient and forgiving. That patience is starting to wear thin and since he has been here, he has been in the news constantly. It really seems that he is trying to cause trouble in Russia…

But going to another country and trying to stir up issues politically is not his job! A big job of an Ambassador is “To make sure that people are well aware that the United States is here, and what our policies are and why we have them.” But it is not to criticize other countries and openly, intentional and monetarily interfere in a countries political landscape. Within Russia McFaul has over stepped his boundaries big time…

Just more fuel for Putin’s fire…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

Russia will veto military intervention in Syria at UNSC – Foreign Ministry…

Russia is firmly dedicated not to let pass an initiative of foreign military intervention into Syria in the UN Security Council.

­“We always said we’re strongly against any kind of external interference into the Syrian conflict, because it would only worsen the situation and bring unpredictable consequences for Syria and the whole region,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told Interfax.

He also said that Russia is opposing the convention of a new UN Security Council meeting on Syria in the near future.

The UN Security Council president’s statement concerning the tragic events in Houla, “is a strong enough signal to the Syrian parties and is a sufficient reaction of the Security Council,” the Russian diplomat told Interfax. Any new measures to affect the situation “would be premature for the Security Council,” he stressed.

China is siding with Russia regarding the Syrian conflict. On Wednesday, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Liu Weimin confirmed the official position of Beijing being against any sort of foreign military intervention into internal Syrian affairs.

The Russian diplomat commented on the statement of the French President Francois Hollande about possible foreign military interference into Syria.

Earlier, the French president did not exclude military intervention in Syria, saying “Military interference is not out of the question, but only with due respect to norms of the international law, which means a decision of the Security Council of the UN”.

At the same time the French president noted that “another solution” is preferable. He called on for more sanctions to be imposed on the Syrian government. Uniting Syrian opposition is another task he spoke of.

The French position has also been supported by Belgium and Australia.

Russia Bitch Slaps the U.S. ambassador to Russia…

Looks like U.S. envoy Michael McFaul has fulfilled my expectations of him and unless he wakes up and starts following the handbook called “Russian For Dummies!” He is going to feel the door in Russia slam him in the butt as he leaves Russia, as he is kicked through that door back home to America…

Now Like I have said in the past, I really think that he would prefer to go back to America and I know that he did not take this assignment willingly as U.S. envoy to Russia. In fact he shows Russians everyday that he hates being in Russia…

It is like a continual stream of little tidbits of news that implicate McFaul in prospects of many numerous things and issues that someone of his position should not be doing in a foreign country…

I can honestly tell you that if the Russian Envoy to America did what McFaul has been doing, then he would have been expelled already from America. McFaul really opens his mouth and puts his foot in it at the worst times. Then he ignores proper procedures the rest of the time…

Well hang on to your hat because the Russian people are starting to get a real dislike for the guy and to me that just seems detrimental to the relationship, between Russia and America…

Local News about McFaul:

The U.S. ambassador to Russia should remain diplomatic in his public comments and not jeopardize his country’s ties with Russia, a Russian presidential aide said on Tuesday.

“The leaders of both countries are set for constructive dialogue,” Yury Ushakov said.

“Ambassadors should act in the same spirit and not be at odds with their leadership,” he said.

Amen to that! Are you listening McFaul?

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia

PS: These are the warning shots over the bow for McFaul…

Russia has blocked a resolution of the UN Security Council over the attack on the Syrian city Al Hula…

MOSCOW, May 28 (Itar-Tass World Service)

The most serious incident during the civil war occurred in Syria. In the heavy gunfire about 100 people with children making a third of them were killed in Al Hula. It is still unclear who shot in Syrian children, but the experts doubt that any committee will be able to find those responsible for the massacre. The West accused Bashar Assad’s regime of massacre. Russia believes that this is a provocative act.

Although the official Syrian authorities deny their involvement in the tragedy, the West shouldered responsibility for massacre on Assad’s regime, which has been seeking to suppress the resistance of the opposition for more than a year, the Kommersant daily reported. This means that new sanctions are expected against Syria and Russia will not be able to protect its ally. Meanwhile, this may not be needed after all. According to US sources, Russia and the United States are about to reach an essential agreement to settle the Syrian crisis under Yemen’s variant.

The experts doubt that any committee will be able to find those responsible for the massacre in Al Hula and believe that the guilt for the tragedy can be shouldered on the Syrian authorities, the newspaper noted.

The Kommersant daily reported with the reference to The New York Times that the US authorities could attract Russia with their plan to settle the Syrian crisis. This is the Yemeni variant, which envisages the resignation of Bashar Assad under the guarantees of immunity, the appointment of someone from his associates to the post of the president and a gradual reform and democratization of the Syrian political system. The New York Times sources in the US administration claimed that Barack Obama told personally about this idea to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a G-8 summit in Camp David. This proposal was taken with interest, the source of the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, the Kommersant daily noted Washington realizes that Vladimir Putin will take a final decision. Barack Obama will discuss this issue with him at a G-20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, in June.

The Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reported with the reference to the official Syrian news agency SANA about new casualties. Unidentified gunmen staged a massacre in two villages near Homs. In one massacre ten people, including six little children, were killed, in another massacre seven people, including three children, were killed. It is seen clearly on the photos, which the news agency posted, that the children were gunned down right at the place, where they were sleeping. The attackers were destroying the houses and set the croplands on fire. The police stations and a local hospital were attacked. The authorities claimed that Al Qaeda militants committed the murders.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that UN and LAS special envoy Kofi Annan will come back in Syria on Monday to assess the current situation. Since April 12 the ceasefire agreement is in effect in Syria. The ceasefire agreement is violated regularly despite the presence of the UN observers. This happens not to say the least, because the political wing of the opposition, which agreed on ceasefire, does not control scattered groups of militants, which are getting a massive assistance from foreign sponsors. Another problem is the intensification of extremists, which can be really connected with international terrorist networks.

It is still unclear, who was shooting in people, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reported. It is clear that the opposition blames Assad’s regime. The official Syrian authorities shoulder responsibility on terrorists. The most horrible thing that both conflicting parties can be right in the search for those responsible in the massacres, the newspaper reported. Interethnic bloody clashes, the massacre of the enemies of the ruling regime is a well-planned provocative act, which was seeking to defile Damascus again in the eyes of Syrian citizens and the world community? No matter who is really behind the tragedy in Al Hula, the enemies of Assad’s regime will take advantage of the massacre fully for further pressure on the Syrian authorities. Should the problem of international intervention in Syria get to the background recently, ardent supporters of this intrusion may appear now.

Russia has blocked a resolution of the UN Security Council over the attack on the Syrian city Al Hula, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily recalled. Russia finds this document quite unbalanced and one-sided. France and Great Britain initiated the resolution, which denounces the massacre.

Last week in a report to New York UN and LAS special envoy Kofi Annan acknowledged that the intensity of the armed confrontation in Syria “went down somehow, but the general level of violence in the country continues to remain quite high in the country.” At this moment of time the head office of the Syrian Advisory Council on Human Rights, which sided with Assad’s enemies, “drops a media bomb” about a bloody massacre in Al Hula, and the Syrian Liberation Army publicly refuses from Annan’s peace plan.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated before many times that the level of competence of the Syrian Advisory Council on Human Rights makes Russia doubt that the information it provides is reliable, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily reported. Russian diplomats stated that only two people work in “a falsely informed” organization, and its head Rami Abdurahman does not have even the full secondary education. He lives permanently in London, where he owns a small snack bar.